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Surreal Places In India Which Are No Less Than Heaven

By Akash Singh

We all look forward to escaping the turbulent atmosphere and getting lost in the ecstasy of nature where we can feel the quintessential paradise. The desire for contentment and stability on the slope of our life always compels us to miss that pacific and restful environment. Fortunately, India is a place which leaves us in wonderment every time we move on to explore it.

Yes, there are exotic places in India which you should be visiting in 2018 to make your year full of surprises while giving it a lifetime's experience with a surreal atmosphere. Certainly, these places will remind you of your own dreamland.

Well, if you are determined to make your 2018, absolute and unparalleled, then scroll down and get to know the surreal places in India which are no less than heaven.

1) Andaman And Nicobar Islands

1) Andaman And Nicobar Islands

PC- Mahima Bhargava

These beautiful group of islands are haven for every adventurous traveller. Who would not want to spend exceptional time amid the natural wonders of these islands? From phenomenal beaches to lush greenery and majestic cascades to exquisite landscapes, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have everything that a dreamy destination would hold.

At every step, one can savour the freshness of being in an atmosphere filled with enticements. So, how about planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar this year and make your vacation memorable?

Best time to visit - October to May

2) Valley Of Flowers, Uttrakhand

2) Valley Of Flowers, Uttrakhand

PC- Araghu

Located in the Western Himalaya, Valley of Flowers is definitely a place to dream for. It is no wonder that the visitor travelling to this exotic beauty never get tired of its spectacular views. The surreal views of sun rays falling on the petals of flowers and making them shine like stars will assuredly steal your heart. The view of mini-lakes nestled around the valley dazzling at the time of sunset is all one fantasises about and eventually gets delighted.

So, the Valley of Flowers amid beautiful lakes and marvellous mountains should be on your bucket list this year.

Best time to visit - May to September

3) Alleppey, Kerala

3) Alleppey, Kerala

PC- abhisheka kumar

Also known as Venice of the East, Alleppey is an ideal summer destination for all the globetrotters. Situated in the God's Own Country, this place absolutely gives you chills and amazes your conscience through the entire presence of soothing backwaters, flourishing green lands and aesthetic palm trees. You can enjoy your day on a houseboat running above the surface of bliss and seize the moment to capture it in your life forever.

When you are in Alleppey, there is nothing to agonise about as all the problems, consequently, are lost in the void space of pleasure and elation.

Best time to visit - Throughout the year

4) Nubra Valley, Ladakh

4) Nubra Valley, Ladakh

PC- Rajat Tyagi

Also referred to as Moonland for its dazzling appeal, Nubra Valley is a small heaven on the land of divine beauty and wonders. This is home to numerous rare species of shrubs, such as leh berry and species of birds such as, white-browed tit-warbler. Scarcely populated with rare vegetation, Nubra Valley, nevertheless, holds the enchanting beauty of forests and the cold desert.

The fact that this valley is the major attraction throughout the year cannot be denied on account of its ceaseless charm and elegance spread all around. From wonderful winters to appeasing summers, Nubra Valley is definitely a fairy tale destination.

Best time to visit - April to July

5) Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

5) Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

PC- GuruBidya

Located at an altitude of 2452m above sea level, this valley is famous for the seasons of captivating flowers. Ranging from colourful flowers spread across the valley to the green carpet lying and enhancing the seraphic atmosphere, Dzukou Valley has a tale of divinity in each and every bit of its existence. With optimum climate and convincing ambience, this vibrant valley is full of surprises.

If you are a nature-lover and adventure-seeker, then Dzukou Valley is your destination.

Best time to visit - June to September

So, these are the major surreal places in India which should be on your bucket list this year. Do not afford to miss any chance to visit these mind-blowing destinations. Make your dream come true with these dreamy stations.

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