» »Rediscovering Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad

Rediscovering Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad

By Akshatha Vinayak

The heritage of a city which lies hidden and unknown is exciting to explore. Some times we hardly know that a great heritage exists within our city limits. Probably we even know them but wouldn't have thought it is important to visit. Here is one such heritage that has a long history and interesting tales behind its creation. Yes, the story of Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad is indeed a captivating one.


Queen's tomb - PC : Louis Rousselet

What is Sarkhej Roza?

Sarkhej Roza is a mausoleum and a tomb which was constructed in a village named Makarba during the rule of the Sultan Ahmad Shah. This was the time of Sufi saint Shaikh Ahmed Ganj Baksh who was under the patronage of Sultan Ahmad Shah. In later years, this saint left the kingdom and spent his old age in the locality of Sarkhej.

Sarkhej Roza is a tomb which was built in the of honour the Sufi Saint Sheikh Ahmed Ganj Baksh. In fact, many other tombs and structures were added to the already existing mausoleum complex.

Sarkhej Roza

PC : Gujarat Tourism

Architecture of Sarkhej Roza

It is indeed a wonder to explore the architecture of Sarkhej Roza. No doubt, it is one of the most beautiful architectures in the city of Ahmedabad. Sarkhej Roza depicts a perfect blend of Persian styles of architecture along with the Indian architectures. Interestingly, its grand architecture has got the name 'Acropolis of Ahmedabad' by comparing it to the framework of the 'Acropolis of Athens'!

Sarkhej Roza was commissioned during the year 1445 and it was completed by 1451. Further, Sarkhej Lake and another mausoleum was built by Mahmmud Begada. Earlier, Sarkhej Roza was a large complex with several garden surrounded on every side. Today, most of the space has been occupied due to urbanisation. However, the 32-acre land of Sarkhej Roza is being revived to its previous charm.

Sarkhej Roza

Outlet of Sarkhej Roza tank PC : SMU Central Unit Libraries 

Overall, Sarkhej Roza has an Indo-Sarcenic Architecture with exteriors resembling Persian elements and motifs of Indian designs. Hence, Sarkhej Roza is one of the must visit heritage places in Ahmedabad.

How to Reach Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej Roza is around 8km from Ahmedabad city centre. It is situated in a village called Makarba near Jeevraj Park at Ahmedabad. Visitors can hire a cab or city buses to reach Sarkhej Roza as it is not too far from the city.

Therefore, Sarkhej Roza is one of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad. In fact, they are putting a lot of efforts to preserve this exotic heritage in Gujarat.

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