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Sadras Fort in Tamil Nadu!

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Each place has its own nature, history and future. When some places make you foresee the future, some take you to an unforgettable past. Sadras is a fort town in Tamil Nadu that takes you back in time. Let us visit this amazing place!

Located around 15km from Mahabalipuram, Sadras, the anglicised form of Sadurangapattinam, is a fort town that boasts of a rich history and heritage. The place has seen the dark and bright phases of European colonisation which can be traced on a visit.


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The Sadras Fort is one such structure that makes you forget the era we live in, and takes you back to the times when the fort was just one among the monumental wonders! Let us get to know more about this fort town.

There are several stories related to the existence of the fort town. Sadurangapattinam is believed to get its name from Sathurangavalli, the queen who ruled the place. It is also said that it was the queen who built the Sadras Fort. Once you enter the fort, the structure and the inscriptions talk about the expertise with which it was built and of the bygone era.


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Interestingly, there is a room in the fort which is said to have been the queen's chamber, and this room has direct access to the beach nearby. The queen used to use this passage to go to the beach for a bath, that too in complete privacy. During hard times, this path was also used as an escape route. However, the Portuguese captured the fort later, which was then conquered by the British.

Another popular belief is that the fort was built by the Dutch, which was later conquered by the British East India Company. However, the fort has seen destructions, partially ruining it in wars. Today, it is a monument managed and preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and the huge structure has been renovated since 2003. The fort complex also has a cemetery and a huge well. The beautiful tombs here have inscriptions on it, which are clear even after centuries.


Photo Courtesy: balajijagadesh

Reaching the Fort

You can hire a taxi, once you reach Mahabalipuram. Here's how to reach Mahabalipuram.

Pay a visit to this old fort town in Tamil Nadu, to visit a past that had seen the highs and lows of European colonisation.

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