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Ride Through The Highest Motorable Road- Exploring Khardung La Pass

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Have you ever taken a ride to the top of the world? Doesn't that sound exciting? The ride to Khardung La Pass is the only way to reach Nubra Valley in Jammu & Kashmir. Being the highest motorable road in the world, the journey is definitely going to be thrilling and hair-raising.

Photo Courtesy: Steve Evans

Nubra Valley is located around 10,000ft above sea level, which means it's almost in heaven! To reach there you should take the road that's one of the most challenging yet and adventurous if you're a biking enthusiast. From Leh, Nubra Valley is about 115km. The trip through Khardung La Pass road trip (also known as Khardong La or Khardzong La) is one worth a try.

The ride to Khardung La Pass remains open throughout the year as the route is also a popular trek route to get to the beautiful 'Valley of Flowers'. However, to take a bike ride through the road, the best time would be from May to October. The pass is never closed until there is a sudden or abrupt change in the weather of the region.

Photo Courtesy: Saurav Anand

Khardung La Pass to Leh is at distance of 40km. As you take the road trip. The first few kilometres are easy to ride as the road is paved. After around 25 km, the road gets rocky and rough.

The journey from South Pullu to North Pullu the journey is challenging, but from North Pullu to Nubra Valley you can get back to enjoy the ride on a better road, except for the ocasional rock falling that occurs here. However, the Khardung La road trip is the best way to reach Nubra Valley as the other passes that lie on this route are even more complicated to ride through.

Ride to Khardung La Pass

Photo Courtesy: kamaljith

The inclines and declines of the road could get you goosebumps as the road at many places would be paved with snow, demanding extra attention on your gear. It is always better to ride on the ride if it's already crossed by another vehicle, so as to avoid skidding on the snow. Do not forget to carry all the accessories needed for your bike ride like the saddle bags, foot pump, gloves, etc.

Though anyone can ride to the Khardung La Pass, you need to get the permits from the DC's office at Leh. These permits are not required to cover the Khardung La Pass to Leh distance. From there you would require the permits at checkpoints till you reach Nubra Valley.

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