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Travel To The Home Of Pulimurugan Which Is An Abode For Wild Elephants Rather Than Tigers!

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Not for nothing Mohanlal is lauded as a 'Complete Actor'! Considered as one of the best actors in Indian cinema, lately he has surprised everyone by delivering three out and out blockbusters in South Indian Box Office. His last release 'Pulimurugan' is still running in packed houses breaking all the industry records. The exquisite locales in this 'man vs wild' movie has grabbed the attention of many! Let's take a tour to the principal place where it was shot, Pooyamkutty forests in Ernakulam.

Pulimurugan Shooting location

Blessed with scenic hill ranges, beautiful waterfalls and rich wildlife, Pooyamkutty is a lesser known tourist destination in Ernakulam district of Kerala. Separated by Pooyamkutty river, the forest has a tribal village inside it. Let's take a tour to this Pulimurugan shooting location!

A tribe living in harmony with the wild elephants!

Pulimurugan Shooting location

Whilst the movie showcases Pooyamkutty as a place where man fights tiger, off reel it's a different story altogether! If you take a 10 km trek deep into the forests, you can see a tribe living in harmony with the wild elephants. Yeah you heard it right! Encounter with the elephants is a part of their daily lives and both of them live in harmony here!

Pooyamkutty river separates the forest from nearby town. The river curves gently through the lush green forests. Inhabited by leopards,macaques, spotted deer, wild boars and civets, bamboo trees constitute the major part of the forests.

Pulimurugan Shooting location

The lesser known waterfalls of Peendimedu!

If you trek deep in to the forest, you would be able to enjoy the small but elegant waterfalls of Peendimedu. The picturesque landscape is surely going to excite you there!

Pooyamkutty offers a perfect destination for avid trekkers. It is one of the best trekking destinations near Ernakulam. Trekking along side the lush greenery and gurgling rivulets is a blissful experience! The tribal village is another interesting aspect about this place. Exploring their bamboo huts and happy lives is a unique experience!

Pulimurugan Shooting location

A trek along this Pulimurugan shooting location is undoubtedly a ravishing experience. Travel to this lesser known tourist destination in Ernakulam and get soaked in the beauty of nature! Happy Travelling :)

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