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Tezu, The Land of Valley and Rivers

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One of the lesser known tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh is the small hamlet of Tezu. This tribal town is known for its marvellous valleys and rivers. Legend has it that the tribes that inhabit these regions have their roots since the Mahabharata days.

This small town welcomes visitors with open hands and the tribes are always ready to help the tourists. You can stay with the locals here and enjoy the hospitality. Also the local cuisine is to die for and though it may not be like your regular meal but it is completely wholesome.

The hamlet of Tezu is not fully explored and hence gives tourists an opportunity to discover something new. There are a few tourist places to visit in Tezu and tourists can hire a local guide and go exploring beyond the obvious with them. It is a perfect place to getaway to from the mundane life of the city and here you are assured to be disconnected from the rest of the world and fully committed to the beauty of nature.

Glow Lake

Photo Courtesy: Michael Coghlan

One of the tourist places in Tezu is the Glow Lake which is situated at an elevation of 5,000 ft above sea level. Tourists wishing to come here will have to trek through the beautiful landscape in order to reach here. The view from the lake is absolutely scenic with the glittering blue waters against a backdrop of huge peaks. It is a haven for nature lovers. You can also head here for a picnic with your family. 


Photo Courtesy: rajkumar1220

Another place to visit in Tezu is the small hamlet of Dong, which boasts of receiving the first ray of the sun in India. Tourists coming here can enjoy the picturesque view of the snow-capped mountains that surround this place. 

Parashuram Kund

Photo Courtesy: rhinoji

One of the places to visit in Tezu is the Parshuram Kund, a pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Parshuram. Devotees travel here from far and wide to offer worship to the lord. Tourists coming here will be mesmerized by the divine beauty of this place. 

Hawa Camp

Another place to visit in Tezu is the Hawa Camp, which is known for the scenic view travellers get to see of the region. It is the ideal spot to catch a clear view of the sunrise and sunset. It is a hub for nature lovers and photographers who are left mesmerised by the beauty of the place. 

Hot Spring

Tezu, The Land of Valley and Rivers

Photo Courtesy: Tezu Tourism

The Hot Springs at Tezu is a major crowd puller. Tourists coming to this hamlet make it a point to come here and take a bath in the hot water. It is highly refreshing and one can sit and rlax in the pool here. A hot bath in this cool place is absolutely rejuvenating. 

How to Reach Tezu

By Air: The town of Tezu has a small airport that is generally used for charter flights. The closest commercial airport is located at Dibrugarh (167 km). It is well-connected to places such as Kolkata, Guwahati, Itanagar and Delhi.

By Train: The closest railhead is located at the town of Tinsukia (122 km). The station is well-connected to other cities of India.

By Road: Tezu can be easily accessed by road. Taxis and buses are the main modes of transport to the place.

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