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Ladnun, The Home of the Jain Gods

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One of the lesser known places in Rajasthan is the town of Ladnun, which was earlier known as Chanderi Nagari. This quiet town is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and is known for the many Jain temples that are here.

It is usually visited by Jain devotees all the year round. They come here to visit and pay their respects in the many religious places around this town. Ladnun also has a Hanuman temple and a dargah here. Being far from major cities, the condition of these buildings are best left untold. Tourists come here to explore these old buildings and to know more about the history of the place.

Although not a major tourist hotspot, Ladnun still attracts a few travellers. Some of the tourist places to visit in Ladnun include the Digambar Jain Bara Temple, the Salasar Balaji, Umarshahpir Dargah and Tal Chhapar Sanctuary to name a few.

Digambar Jain Bara Temple

One of the places to visit in Ladnun is the Digambar Jain Bara Temple, which is famous for its beautiful Jain Tirthankaras idols, engraved pillars, rare collection of art and ancient Jain manuscripts. The temple has two Vedic chambers wherein tourists can see the idols of Ajitnathji, the second Tirthankara and Santinathji, the 16th Tirthankara. It is a hub for Jain devotees who come here to pay respect to their Tirthankaras and also to meditae and refresh their souls.

Photo Courtesy: Srainywall 

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

A major tourist place is Ladnun is the Tal Chhapar Sanctuary, which is famous for conserving the nearly extinct 'Black Bucks'. This sanctuary is also the halting place of many migratory birds and thus attracts bird watchers here. Some of the birds that can be seen here include Eastern Imperial Eagles, Tawny Eagles, Short-toed Eagles, sparrows, little green bee-eaters, Skylarks, Crested Larks, Ring Doves, Brown Doves, Blue Jays and Black Ibis. It is also teeming with wildlife like Desert Foxes, Desert Cats, Partridges and Sand Grouse.

Ladnun, The Home of the Jain Gods

Photo Courtesy: Mr Raja Purohit

Salasar Balaji

Another place to visit in Ladnun is the Salasar Balaji, which is also known as Salasar Dham. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman who is famously known as Balaji. Devotees come here in large numbers to pray to the Lord and ask for his blessings. Tourists coming here can pay homage at the temple and also enjoy the view of the surroundings. 

Umarshahpir Dargah

Another tourist place in Ladnun is the Umarshahpir Dargah which is an ancient dargah here. Although mostly in ruins this dargah is still visited by the Muslim community who live here. Tourists exploring this place will be able to see inscriptions on the walls of these ruins. During festivals this the Muslim community hold special prayer in the dargah which is followed by a heavenly feast here. 

How to Reach Ladnun

By Air: The Jaipur International Airport is the closest airbase located at a distance of 218 km from Ladnun. This airport is connected to major Indian destinations like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai with frequent flights.

By Train: Ladnun has its own railway station and the Delhi-Rewari-Ratangarh-Degana-Jodhpur rail line passes through this railhead. There are two passenger trains available on this line connecting Ladnun to other parts of the country.

By Road: Tourists can reach Ladnun by buses from cities like Jaipur, Ajmer, Sikar, Bikaner, Kuchaman, Ahmedabad, Indore, and Delhi.

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