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Explore the Unknown at Paravur

By: Akshatha Vinayak

Folklore and legends are the constant reminders of the past. Even though the information gets filtered from generation to generation, there will be some precious details which instantly connects us to the roots. The glorious history of Paravur (North Paravur) in Ernakulam takes us on an enchanting journey from its creation to the religious influences and the modern day town.

North Paravur

Synagogue at Chendamangalam
Photo Courtesy: Nagarjun Kandukuru

One can say about the dynamics of religions by looking at Paravur! So many legends and historical sites indicate to diverse aspects that have carried over to this day.

According to Hindu mythology, Sage Parashurama is said to have created this region. It is also said that the present name Paravur is a modification of Parayur that was derived from the tribe of Paravars.

However, Paravur became known for its Jewish community. On the banks of the backwaters, a market was established. Paravur was a major trading centre for many to years. The Jewish Colony along a synagogue gave it a unique touch. Paravur Market also attracted foreign traders which increased the level of its economy. Even to this day, some old shops are retained its original state just to remind us of those olden times.

North Paravur

Kottakkavu Church
Photo Courtesy: Challiyan

Another surprising fact that of the existence of Muziris Sea Port in the region of Pattanam Village. It was found during excavation in Pattanam of North Paravur. Muziris was an ancient seaport which was very famous during the 1st century BC. Mainly, the areas of present day Kodungallur town which was under the Chera Rulers was a big trading centre. Muziris is also mentioned in the Sangam Literature indicating to the trade relations that existed with other countries.

Jews who migrated from Europe found a better place for their settlement. They set up new trades, and they flourished in no time. We can explore the old Jewish houses in the Jewish street of Paravur.

Interestingly, the existent Jews either migrated back to Europe or got converted to Syrian Christians. Kottakavu Church in Paravur is said to be one of the seven churches founded by St.Thomas. The region was filled with Syrian Christians from then onwards.

North Paravur

Krishna Temple
Photo Courtesy: Rakeshkr2

Coming back to the Hindu influences, a 600-year-old Krishna Temple 'Kannankulangara Temple' also has a great importance here. It is a strong belief that if childless couples tie a toy cradle at this temple are blessed with children.

How can we not get excited about a place which has had so many religious and cultural influences? The present day Paravur is the mix of an exotic past that reminds us of its grandeur.

How to Reach North Paravur

  • Paravur is about 35km from the town of Kochi.
  • By Road: Several buses and private vehicles are available to reach North Paravur from Kochi.
  • By Train: Aluva Railway Station is the nearest railway station to North Paravur. Aluva is about 16km from North Paravur.
  • By Air: Kochi (Cochin) Airport is the nearest airport.
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