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Onam Celebrations: Onattukara, the land of Onam!

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Onattukara is a feudal kingdom in Kerala that existed since 12th century. Onattukara that translates to the 'Land of Onam', is believed to be the place where Mahabali, also known as Maveli, knelt before Vamana offering his head. The capital of Onattukara named Mavelikkara means 'The Land of Maveli'.

Mavelikkara is one of the major tourist places you can visit here. Let's see what is there to explore here this Onam!

Mavelikkara Buddha statue

Mavelikkara Buddha statue
Photo Courtesy: Ranjithsutari 

Mavelikkara - A Land of Art

Mavelikkara remians a culturally relevant place, and is the cultural capital of Alappuzha. Many renowned artists have brought fame to this little place, and it is one of the rare places in Kerala where you can find a statue of Buddha.

The Buddha statue is placed at Buddha Junction, near Krishnaswamy Temple near Mavelikkara, and this statue is a reminder of the Buddhist civilisation that was prevalent in the region during teh regn of Onattukara dynasty.

kandiyoor shive temple

Kandiyoor Shiva Temple
Photo Courtesy: RajeshUnuppally 

Kandiyoor Mahadeva Temple is another attraction of the place. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is believed to have been an old Buddhist site as the architecture of the temple is quite different from the other temples in Kerala.

There are 12 sub-deities worshipped here that include Vishnu, Ganapathy, Moola Ganapathy, Annapoorneshwari, Subramanyan, etc. There are 6 shivalinga prathistas here, and is also one of the famous 108 Shiva temples of the world.

evoor temple

Evoor Temple
Photo Courtesy: Dr.jayan.d 

Evoor Krishnaswamy Temple

The Evoor Krishnaswamy Temple is another attraction of Mavelikkara and is one of the important temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is believed that the temple was formed in the Lord's presence, and the temple is fondly called as Onattukara's Guruvayur. It is one of the 26 important shrines of Lord Vishnu, and also is mythologically relevant. Tthe place is believed to be associated with Khandava Dahanam, a scene from Mahabharata. It is also believed that Kanva Maharishi, one of the Saptarishis, lived here.

Take a trip to Mavelikkara that is rich in its culture and also has some amazing attractions to offer. Visit the land of Onam, the place the whole legend begins, the place that is the reason that we celebrate Onam today.

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