» »Now Is When You Should Visit Versova Beach

Now Is When You Should Visit Versova Beach

Beaches are considered one of the most relaxing places on the planet. With a cool breeze blowing all around as you enjoy a stroll by the soft coastal sand, a beach is definitely a place where one should go to obtain a peace of mind. Apart from it, you can also enjoy watching beautiful sea creatures and aquatic lives that dwell along the side of the beach.

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Through several years, with climate change and pollution, many of the beaches have lost their rich marine diversity. However, Versova Beach in Mumbai has brought back hope for rich aquatic lives all over again. Versova Beach situated in Andheri, west region of Mumbai, has recently witnessed the return of olive ridley turtles, which were assumed to be gone.

A Little About Versova Beach

A Little About Versova Beach

Versova Beach is a very popular hangout spot in the suburbs of Andheri in Mumbai. It is an extension of Juhu Beach which is little more secluded and less crowded. For many years, this beach has been contaminated to such an extent that many marine species died or discarded Versova Beach as their home.

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However, now with efforts from locals and government plans, improvements have been made. It would not be wrong to say Versova Beach is rising back to its beauty and hence, it assuredly deserves a visit. So, how about planning a visit to Versova Beach this weekend and savouring its restoring beauty?

Why You Should Visit Versova Beach Now

Why You Should Visit Versova Beach Now

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Versova Beach has been rejuvenating itself and hence, the charming ambience has just begun to bloom around it. After two decades of being polluted and neglected, Versova Beach has finally sprung back to life with the return of olive ridley turtles.

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A group of volunteers, dedicated to restoring the beach, stumbled upon a little olive ridley on the wet sand, bringing back hope of an eco-friendly, clean and peaceful ambience in Versova Beach. These olive ridley sea turtles are the smallest turtles and are found in abundance in the world.

However, due to extreme climate and weather, they live underwater and hence, are seen rarely during such conditions. So, why miss such a rare beauty? Plan a trip now and be at Versova Beach to watch its splendid surroundings with the presence of olive ridley turtles.

Other Places Of Interest Around Versova Beach

Other Places Of Interest Around Versova Beach

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Apart from visiting Versova Beach and surrendering yourself to its magnificence, you can also explore its surroundings. From several other beaches to historical monuments and discovering local markets to tasting the local cuisine, there is a lot which can be done in the surroundings of Versova Beach.

The major places of interest around Versova Beach include Madh Island, Versova Fort, Juhu Beach and ISKCON Temple. So, when there is so much to explore and discover under the sky at Versova, why stay within the walls of your room?

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How To Reach Versova Beach

How To Reach Versova Beach

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Being located in Mumbai, Versova Beach is easily accessible by road. The nearest airport and railhead is at Mumbai only; hence, it can be reached comfortably. Versova Beach is located at a distance of around 15 km from the centre of Mumbai. Once you have reached Mumbai, you can hire a cab or bus to Versova Beach.

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