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Around the Mazy Naida Caves in Diu!

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

Surely, the Portuguese didn't know that the raw material provider for the fort would one day become a tourist place! Wondering what is going on? Well, Naida Caves is not exactly a natural geological formation in Diu! Then what is it? Why don't we take a tour around this to know more about it?

Naida Caves in Diu!

Naida Caves 
Photo Courtesy: Rashmi.parab

Let us dive into the history of Naida Caves!

The Portuguese had a stronghold of Goa, Diu and Daman for centuries. They transformed these places into a Portuguese colony. In fact, we can still feel the influence of the Portuguese in these regions even to this day.

Talking about Diu, it is full of Portuguese architecture. They are said to have taken the chunks of the orange-brown rocks from a nearby cave for the construction of Diu Fort. Yeah! That explains the structure of Naida Caves near Diu Fort.

Naida Caves in Diu!

Interconnecting stairs
Photo Courtesy: Radhi.pandit

Another record indicates to the existence of naturally formed caves before the Portuguese carved it out. So, Naida Caves are natural caves which has been carved out over time. That makes it artificially made! But, does it make it any less interesting?

Things to Do in Naida Caves

The interconnected tunnels of Naida Caves are one of the major attractions here. Portuguese might have used these labyrinthine caves as a hidden getaway. All we know now is that these tunnels are great to explore!

Naida Caves in Diu!

Naida Caves
Photo Courtesy: Radhi.pandit

The large chunks of rock-cuttings inside the caves let in the sunlight and makes it more photogenic. It is nothing less than a visual treat to see the sharp sun rays seeping inside and lighting up the caves.

Interestingly, not just the cave tunnels but also the stairs leading nowhere ignites a pinch of curiosity for the visitors. Strolling around Naida Caves is a thrilling experience and a treat for photography enthusiasts.

Naida Caves in Diu!

Cropped rocks of the caves
Photo Courtesy: Radhi.pandit

The orange-brown walls of the caves, maze kind cave tunnels, unique shapes formed inside the cave keep us engaged in Naida Caves. Hence, it is one of the must visit tourist places in Diu near to Diu Fort.

Tourist Places in Diu

Diu is an offbeat place but also a very unique one. There are many historical places and beaches to explore in Diu. St. Paul's Church, Diu Fort, Nagoa Beach, Gomtimata Beach, Diu Museum, Zampa Gateway, INS Khukri Memorial, Shell Museum, Ghogla Beach, etc. are the prominent tourist places in Diu.


Beach in Diu
Photo Courtesy: tommy

Accommodations in Diu

Diu is a quaint place with decent stay options; there are many resorts and hotels. Hotel Palms, Kostamar Beach Resort, Hotel Samrat, Hotel Palacio De, Rasal Beach Resort, Hotel Krishna Park Resort are some of the best accommodations in Diu.

How to Reach Naida Caves

Naida Caves is just 3km from Diu Fort. Visitors can easily reach by road or get down at Delwada Railway Station.

Click: How to Reach Diu

Happy Exploring!

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