» »International Tea Day 2022: Tea lover's Guide To The Best Tea Plantations In India

International Tea Day 2022: Tea lover's Guide To The Best Tea Plantations In India

There's no feeling that's more rejuvenating in the morning than sipping on a hot cup of tea. A humble cup of tea has been refreshing people for hundreds of years and it has been an incentive for tens and thousands of people around the world to wake up. Tea is a herb, a powerful one; it has caused wars, rose and destroyed empires and economies equally, providing livelihood to millions of people. Moreover, these verdant spreads of natural treasure have become tourism hotspots across the world.

And if you are a tea lover and love travelling alike, we suggest you encourage tea tourism in India by visiting one of these spectacular tea plantations this International Tea Day 2022, so to promote and find out how your favourite beverage is being produced all over the world!

Here's a tea lover's guide to the best tea plantations in India. Have a look



Visiting Munnar is an adventure in itself as you get to experience the warm weather that can fall right down to 20 degrees Celsius. Keep yourself warm with a hot cup of tea at the TATA tea museum and observe the beautiful waterfalls cascade down. There are also hiking routes, tea plantations and little cottages in Munnar that will give you an archaic colonial feel. The chilled and cosy vibe of this place makes Munnar one of the best tea destinations in Kerala.



You just cannot visit the land of tea without halting at a functioning tea plant. There is no deficit of breweries to visit, with hundreds if not thousands spread beyond the hills, parted by neat series of green tea shrubs and cultivators' residences, each growing, packaging and trading tea to all corners of the globe. The most visited and the most prominent tea plant is named Happy Valley Tea Estate, which although available and open to the visitors, is not considered as authentic as Puttabong Tea Estate. The Happy Valley Tea Estate was initiated in 1852 in the northernmost district of Darjeeling, positioned amid the largest estate in the hamlet. You can look at how tea leaves are prepared, folded, burned, purified, concentrated, assorted and wrapped at the facility.


Nestled in the Nilgiri hills, Mudumalai is one of the top tea destinations in Tamil Nadu. Besides that, it is known for its wildlife persona. And for anyone who loves an encounter with nature in the most unique way, the national park here is a must-visit.


The Western Ghats start from Gujarat and stretch to Tamil Nadu. Along the way, they cover several states, Karnataka being one of them. Mulligan Giri is the highest peak of the Western Ghats in Karnataka, and for trekkers and tea lovers, presents an exciting challenge and refreshing view of tea plantations. A part of Baba Budangiri Hills of Chikmagalur district, it stands proudly at an impressive height of almost 1929 m. It is named after a sage known as Mulappa Swamy, who is believed to have meditated in the caves located nearby.


Renowned for tea production, Dibrugarh is another city in India, that is all about verdant pastures and adventuresome wildlife. If you are craving to escape the mundane work-life, visit this city of romance, one of the best tea destinations in India. When in Dibrugarh, don't overlook to explore the only rainforest in Assam, Dehing Patkai. Besides offering panoramic sights of the flora and fauna like orchids, you can come to see a plethora of wildlife species. You would also be greeted with gorgeous sights of striking butterflies and tweeting birds.


When the state of Assam was separated from Meghalaya, Dispur was presented with the status of Assam's capital. Till then Shillong was called the capital of this state. Dispur is one of the tiniest capitals of the world to have gained fame in tea production. You can tour the Assam State Museum to accumulate insights into the rich social and artistic history of this state. Also, this city is the abode of several wild species, rhinos, tigers, leopards and Himalayan black bears exhibited within the Assam state zoo.

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