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Mullik Ghat Flower Market In Kolkata

Written By: Pranav

The cultural capital of India and home to the most distinguished intellectuals and poets of the country is Kolkata. The city of joy is charming in its own way with the non stop rush on its roads, the obsession for food, the insanity of its modern thoughts, Kolkata is a city where dreams have taken birth. The once capital of the British Raj, the city is daring, audacious, adventurous and classy.

 Mullik Ghat

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Where Is Mullik Ghat Located?

Colourful and chaotic, the charm of the city can sweep any person off their feet. An area where you can experience such a phenomenon is the Mullik Ghat flower market. Located below the beautiful Howrah Bridge, adjacent to the Hooghly river, the market is indeed a place to discover the culture of West Bengal.

One can find at least a million colorful strands of flowers which are spread over there; these strands of flowers also match the number of vendors, people and visitors here. The market area has an everlasting pleasant fragrance that fills the air and remains colourful throughout the day and is a sight to watch.

 Mullik Ghat

PC: Girish Gopi

A Little About Mullik Ghat...

Mullik Ghat is the largest flower market of Kolkata and is also one amongst the biggest in Asia.The 130 odd years old market is always pumping with energy, and one would never encounter a dull moment here. In the year 2008 the market area was reduced to ashes but however, it rose again from its ashes like the mythical phoenix bird.

One would find porter transporting huge baskets of flowers on their heads along with some on their shoulders whilst many go by the old school way of spreading it on the ground.

 Mullik Ghat

PC: Achilli Family | Journeys

The area is a riot of colours and is the main source of supplying flowers to the entire city and also for exporting to different parts of the country and even to Europe.

The market is a soothing sight to capture for those who come looking for an aesthetic appeal. Flowers are indeed a huge business in India, they tend to be an essential ingredient in the rituals conducted at temples, weddings and festivals. The market is a one stop destination for all your floral requirements.

 Mullik Ghat

PC: Abhijit Kar Gupta

An ocean of fiery orange marigold strung together forms huge chains which is added on further with bunches of lotuses, roses, sunflowers and all known varieties of flowers along with their unique smell greet you as you enter the market.

Most of the vendors here live in small makeshift homes within the market and are engrossed in making floral arrangements and bouquets which are of great demand especially during festivals and other religious occasions.

 Mullik Ghat

PC: Steve Browne & John Verkleir

Togor Phool

Togor phool (Tabernaemontana) is a local speciality and highly asked for, the flower which has flawless white colour resembles the jasmine and is an example of vibrancy and vigour. The exposure one would get here is simply something which one could treasure for life.

The place without any doubt is great for the photographers to capture countless images of the vibrant and colourful scenes which can be spotted in the narrow alleys of the market and as well in the bamboo baskets.

 Mullik Ghat

PC: Ignazio Carpitella

A very interesting feature at the market is that one gets to see flowers arranged in various forms such as long chains, garlands, basket, bouquets etc.

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