» »Tranquil Abode: Mangaladevi Temple in Mangalore

Tranquil Abode: Mangaladevi Temple in Mangalore

By Akshatha Vinayak

You might have heard interesting stories regarding the naming of several places. The city of Mangalore or Mangaluru has one such amazing tale relating to the creation of its name. A locality with a long history and several legends has brought this name to the city. Yes, it is the Mangaladevi Temple in Mangalore (Mangaluru).

Mangaladevi Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Mangaladevi. This age-old temple is one of the prominent temples here. It is said that the name Mangalore is derived from the name Mangaladevi.

Mangaladevi Temple in Mangalore

Mangaladevi Temple
PC: Ssriram mt

Mangaladevi Temple Premises

Mangaladevi Temple is built in Kerala style of architecture. In fact, most temples in Tulu Nadu (Mangalore side) are constructed in this design. The shrine consists of a sanctum and many other small shrines housing other gods and goddesses.

The main sanctum houses the idol of Mangaladevi who is in a sitting posture. The whole shrine is mainly a wooden architecture which is similar to other temples in the region. There is also a flag-post (Dwajastambha) and the shrine of Lord Shiva.

Mangaladevi Temple is a form of Shakti and is a much revered deity in Mangalore. Hence, Mangaladevi Temple is one of the top temples in Mangalore.

Mangaladevi Temple in Mangalore

Mangaladevi Temple
PC: Gopala Krishna A

Legends of Mangaladevi Temple

There are three versions of legends behind the establishment of this temple. One famous legend talks about the 9th century King Kundavaraman and the entry of the sages Gorakhnath and Machindranth.

According to this legend, two sages Gorakhnath and Machindranath come in search of a holy land where Sage Parashurama is said to have lived. They enter the kingdom of Kundavaraman who ruled the Tulu Nadu.

The sages explain the importance of one such place which holds the temple of Mangaladevi which was established by Lord Parashurama. Surprised by the version of the history, King Kundavaraman agrees to support the sages in finding this shrine. Finally, an ancient shrine totally surrounded by forest was found. Thus, king Kundavaraman re-builds the temple of Mangaladevi.

Mangaladevi Temple in Mangalore

Mangaladevi Temple
PC: Gopala Krishna A

Another legend indicates to the story of a Malabar Princess who becomes a follower of Machindranath. It is said that the princess leaves all the material glories to join the 'Nath' cult. She also works hard to spread this cult across the region. It is said that Mangaladevi Temple was built in the honour of this princess who converted into an ascetic.

Present Day Mangaladevi Temple

Today, Mangaladevi Temple is managed by the hereditary trustees. It is one of the famous temples in Mangalore. So, not only the locals but the tourists also make it a point to visit this temple. It is one of the major landmarks of Mangalore.

Mangaladevi Temple in Mangalore

Mangaladevi Temple
PC: Vinay bhat


Since it is a Shakti Temple, Navarathri Festival is celebrated in a grand way. Special poojas are also performed during other major Hindu festivals.

How to Reach Mangaladevi Temple

Mangaladevi Temple is located in a suburb called Bolara in the city of Mangalore. It is easily accessible as it is in the heart of the city.

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