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5 Lesser Known Weekend Destinations Near Bangalore

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Bangalore, the city that is home to people from all over the world is one of the most popular urban areas in the country. To cater to the varied palate of tastes that Bangaloreans have, the city offers many activities and travel options, both in and around Bangalore. So be it photography or bird watching or trekking or stargazing, rest-assured Bangalore has a nearby destination to make your dream come true!

5 Weekend Destinations Near Bangalore

Here are a pick of five lesser known weekend destinations around Bangalore that offer a variety of activities ranging from adventure to relaxation. Plan this weekend to get out with friends and family or just solo and explore any of these fun weekend getaways.

1. Manchinbelle
Among the less explored yet stunning places to explore around Bangalore is the Manchinbelle Dam and the surrounding region that is located at a short distance of just 36 km from the city. Situated in the foothills of the Savanadurga Forests, the place offers plenty of scope for adventure activities such as swimming, trekking and rock climbing. A word of warning though is that non-swimmers best stay away from the water due to the varied depths that occur without warning. Enjoy the green surroundings and have a picnic with friends and family for an unforgettable weekend getaway.

The Manchinbelle Reservoir.
Photo Courtesy: Jarrakaj

2. Skandagiri Hills
The set of hills overlook the well-known Nandi Hills in Bangalore and provides a perfect opportunity for a relaxing weekend getaway. Located at a distance of about 70 km from the city, Skandagiri offers activities such as trekking, temple visit at the ancient Papagani Math and a visit to the Skandagiri Fort. Among the popular travel options to Skandagiri is the night trek that allows you to lie back and gaze at the star-studded sky, it's an exhilarating experience that is likely to keep you coming back for more!

The night trek to Skandagiri Hills.
Photo Courtesy: Kalyan Kanuri

3. Antaragange
Among the places to head to this weekend near Bangalore is the lesser known Antaragange. What is so special about the place you ask? Well, for starters it is an ideal hiking and rock climbing destination with its rocky terrain, but what makes it even more fascinating are the naturally formed caves in these rocks that is a paradise for cave explorers! Situated at a short distance of 70 km from the city, you won't have trouble doing this trip over the weekend.

Rock climbing at Antaragange.
Photo Courtesy: S Jagadish

4. Madhugiri Hill
At a slightly longer distance of 104 km from Bangalore city is another place waiting to be explored, the Madhugiri Hill. It is popular as the second largest rock monolith in Asia. The steep peak calls out to experienced trekkers and the brave-at-heart! The steep incline is tough but definitely possible with some effort. You can also explore the Madhugiri Fort built by Tipu Sultan for your weekend dose of history.

5 Weekend Destinations Near Bangalore

The stunning view of the Madhugiri Fort.
Photo Courtesy: Invisible Lens Photography

5. Makalidurga
Lush greenery, calm waters, adventure activities and all this at just a stone's throw from Bangalore! Makalidurga is located at a distance of 55 km from the city and is an ideal weekend getaway. The calm and serene surroundings of the place is sure to relax you and let you appreciate the beauty of nature. The place is also popular among trekkers and you can trek to the Makalidurga Fort, located atop the hill. The place has a few resorts as well for you to unwind and relax.

The lush view of Makalidurga.
Photo Courtesy: Sakeeb Sabakka

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