» »Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple In Kaviyoor

Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple In Kaviyoor

By Akshatha Vinayak

The God's own country holds a lot of surprises for travellers; not only does the nature offer a lot but the history of the land also attracts us. One famous legend says that when Lord Parashurama threw his battle axe into the sea, a landmass arose which came to be known as Kerala.

Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple In Kaviyoor

Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple
PC: Lalu Meledath

He also created 64 Brahmin villages while creating this state. The ancient village of Kaviyoor is said to be one such Brahmin village created by Lord Parashurama. Like said earlier, Kerala's history and legends are quite interesting and its heritages are related to these myths. Thriukkakkudi Rock temple in Kaviyoor is one such prominent heritage sites that must be explored in Kerala.

Thrikkakkudi Rock temple is not like the usual Kerala style temple architecture. In fact, it is a unique shrine which is said to be built during 8th century A.D.

Attractions Of Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple

The prime deity of Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple is Lord Shiva. One can see a large Shiva Linga housed in the main sanctum of this rock-shrine. Thrikkakkadi Rock-cut Temple is carved out of huge rocks.

The entrance door has two Dwarapalakas, which further lead to the Verandah of the temple. The sanctum sanctorum with a granite Shiva Linga can be seen. Another interesting attraction is the pond located inside the premises. Interiors of the rock-cut temple look smooth and polished with sculpted images of Lord Ganapati and a sage. One would feel relaxed and peaceful after entering the shrine.

Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple In Kaviyoor

Thrikkakkudi Rock temple

PC: Sugeesh

Buddhist Monastery

One of the theories regarding Thrikkakkudi Rock Temple says that it may have been a Buddhist site before it was made into a Hindu Temple. Some research also suggests that it may also have been a Jain Basadi. However, not many evidences have been available to prove these theories.

Architecture Of Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple

Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple is said to resemble the Dravidian style of architecture which must have flourished in Kerala at those times.

Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple In Kaviyoor

Thrikkakkudi Rock temple
PC: Lalu Meledath

Temples At Kaviyoor

Kaviyoor is also known for the Mahadeva Temple and Shree Krishna Temple along with Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple. Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple is a well-known shrine with Lord Shiva and Anjaneya as the presiding deities. Shree Krishna Temple with typical Kerala style of architecture is also a famous shrine in Kaviyoor.

Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple In Kaviyoor

Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple
PC: Dinakarr

How To Reach Kaviyoor?

Kaviyoor village is located in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It is around 7 km from the city of Thiruvalla. Kollam is around 70 km from Thiruvalla. So, visitors can either go by bus or train to Thriuvalla and then reach Kaviyoor through the local transport or cabs.

Thrikkakkudi Rock-cut Temple is definitely one of the unique temples in Kerala. It's a must visit place for travellers interested in temples and their architectures.

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