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All You Need To Know About Kaup!

By Muralidharan M.P

It is said that one who looks at the sea turns one's back on the misfortunes of the world and somehow one resigns oneself to them. If you wants to experience this blissful feeling, then you must must head out to Kaup( pronounced Kapu), which is a small pit stop on the highway from Mangalore to Udupi,the famous temple town on the west coast of Karnataka.

How To Reach Kaup?
Kaup's long sandy beaches offer a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and those who plan to visit Udupi should make it a point not to miss a stop-over at Kaup. There are large number of buses plying between Mangalore and Udupi and one can reach Kaup from Mangalore in an hour's time by road. Taxis are not advisable as the prices can be high.

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Kaup Beach From Mangalore

Mangalore is a big town that can be reached by flight or trains from Chennai, ,Bangalore or Kochi. There are luxury bus services from Bangalore to Mangalore which traverse the Western Ghats and the day time journey can be quite exhilarating.

Food & Accommodation
Kaup being a small place, does not boast of many hotels. There is Hotel Mayura which offers decent accommodation. Padubidri,which is 6 kms from Kaup towards Mangalore has Hotel Comfort where also one can get reasonably good accommodation. But Udupi, is an ideal place to to stay as it has a number of options.

Kaup Beach From Mangalore

PC : Subhashish Panigrahi

It's just 15 kms away from Kaup and has hotels like Hotel Kidiyur, Udupi Residency, and Hotel Janardhana that are all centrally located and offer decent accommodation at rates which are very reasonable and the service is prompt. There are also a largenumber of restaurants serving authentic Udupi cuisine dotting the place and the expenses are reasonable.

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The Best Time To Visit Kaup
The winter months starting from November to January is the ideal time to travel to Kaup as the weather is generally cool and there is less humidity.

Route & Modes Of Travel
One can cover the distance from Udupi to Kaup in 20 minutes on the newly built four-lane National Highway 66. One can board any of the numerous buses bound forMangalore. Taxis are also available, but one has to negotiate the rates as there are no standard rates and ride-sharing services like Uber and Ola are yet to make their presence in Udupi.

Kaup Beach From Mangalore

PC : Subhashini Panigrahi

On reaching Kaup, one can either hire an auto or just take a leisurely stroll to the beach which is just 1.5 to 2 kms from the main road. The vast expanse of the blue sea with the palm-fringed shore stretching into miles is bound to put any agitating soul into an indescribable calmness.

The Experience
One can spend endless hours just watching the waters of the sea and if one is lucky, one can also behold the beautiful sights of dolphins bobbing up and down in the waters not very far from the shores, a welcome distraction to one's contemplative experience.

Kaup Beach From Mangalore

PC : Vinay bhat

The beach is pristine white where one can trudge the distances with nary a care, no empty plastic bottles or bags littering the way. Mornings and evenings are preferable as one can experience the cool invigorating sea breeze kissing one's face. The place is not very well-crowded and one can enjoy the stay in the beach in a quiet atmosphere.

Travel to the Netrani Island in Mangalore

In the distance, one can see the Kaup Light House and a small fort adjacent to it, supposed to have been built by Tippu Sultan, but not used these days. The sight of the Light House silhouetted against the setting sun with the orange sky in the background is breath-taking.

Kaup Beach From Mangalore

One can walk leisurely as far as the Light House along the beach taking on the sights of the sea and the palm-fringed shore. The adjacent town of Padubidri too, has a long beach which is clean and not very crowded

As for food, Kaup has some small eateries which offers a variety of fish preparations all done in generous dollops of coconut cream. The restaurant in Hotel Mayura too, serves good seafood. The prices can be very light on one's purse.

Kaup Beach From Mangalore

PC: Official website

Stay At Sai Radha Heritage Cottages
For those who are well-heeled, there are a couple of private beaches where one can stay and enjoy the beach. One that comes immediately to mind is the Sai Radha heritage cottages in Muloor village abutting Kaup which is a favourite destination for winter-weary travelers from Europe.

The cottages with a central heritage bungalow in the middle have been built in such a way that their architecture easily blends into local background. They are all built using locally sourced materials and have an old world feel about them. There is a small a museum in the bungalow which displays vessels, tools and items of furniture used by families of the local gentry in the yore.

Kaup Beach From Mangalore

The cottages also offer a wellness centre where one can have Ayurvedic therapies like mud bath, oil massages etc and is manned by knowledgeable staff. Entry to the private beaches are restricted unless one has checked into the cottages. It's advisable to dress conservatively so as not to attract undue attention of the locals.
Kaup is not touristy and is quite an unremarkable place. But it is serene and the beaches are clean and charming which is not something one can say about many of our popular other famous beaches.

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