» »The Wish Granting Lake: Karua Lake in Reasi

The Wish Granting Lake: Karua Lake in Reasi

Written By: Akshatha

Reasi is known as religious as well as a tourist place in Jammu and Kashmir. It is more famous for being a pilgrimage site as Vaishno Devi Temple, Shiva Khori, etc. is situated here.

Among several places, Karua is yet another village in Reasi. This village is mainly known for Baba Dhansar and Karua Lake (Sarovar). A journey of 17km from the town of Reasi takes us to Baba Dhansar Temple and the holy Sarovar. This Sarovar is called as Karua Jheel or Karua lake in Reasi.

The Wish Granting Lake: Karua Lake in Reasi

The holy place of Baba Dhansar
Photo Courtesy: RameshSharma1

Not only the scenic landscapes but the sacrificial stones and different sculptures take us to a bygone era. Locals have a great belief in Baba Dhansar and the Karua Lake. It is said that devotees wishes are granted by taking a holy dip in this lake and worshipping Baba Dhansar.

However, people are not allowed to bath in the lake near the temple. They have to go to a little farther place where this water flows to take the holy dip. Many Vaishno Devi pilgrims often visit Karua Lake on their journey.

The Wish Granting Lake: Karua Lake in Reasi

Karua Lake
Photo Courtesy: Sahuajeet

Legends About Baba Dhansar

As per the legend, Baba Dhansar is the son of Sheshnag, the Serpent King. Sheshnag is the snake worn around the neck by Lord Shiva. Once when Shiva goes to Amarnath Caves, he leaves his serpent Sheshnag in a place called Anantnag. Here the Sheshnag attains a human form and gets named as Vasudev (not Krishna). Baba Dhansar is one of the two sons of Vasudev. Baba Dhansar was a saint and a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

The Wish Granting Lake: Karua Lake in Reasi

Sacrificial Stones
Photo Courtesy: Sahuajeet

Once, Baba Dhansar finds about a demon troubling the people around Karua. So, he prays for Lord Shiva's help. Pleased by Baba Dhansar's devotion, Lord Shiva helps in killing that demon.

Hence, the place became popular as Baba Dhansar's region. Even the Karua lake where Baba Dhansar meditated is considered as very sacred. Even to this day, people believe in the powers of Baba Dhansar and the lake. Hence, it is fondly known as 'Wish Granting Lake'!

The Wish Granting Lake: Karua Lake in Reasi

Nag Temple at Baba Dhansar
Photo Courtesy: Sahuajeet

How to Reach Karua Lake

A journey from the Reasi town towards Katra and a deviation for about 17km at one point on this route will reach you to Karua Lake.

How to Reach Reasi

Reasi is around 65km from Jammu; it came be reached by bus from Jammu.

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