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Kalahandi, Land of the Pre-Historics

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Kalahandi is a must visit place in Odisha and is rich in history and culture. Located on the confluence of the rivers Uttei and Tel, Kalahandi is a home to some very ancient temples of extensive architectural excellence.

Many picturesque hills along with cascading waterfalls, add to the beauty of the town. Several archaeological evidences dating back to the Stone Age and Iron Age were found here.

The Kalahandi Utsav is celebrated every year and showcases fine art, culture, music and handicrafts which are famous worldwide.


Asurgarh as the name suggests 'Fort of Asura' is near Narla and a must see place in Kalahandi. People travel to this place to marvel at the remnants of a fort that is located near a large tank spanning 200 acres, named Asursagar. It has four entrances in each direction, and each entrance enshrines a different deity. The east entrance is presided by Goddess Ganga, whereas the west entrance is ruled by Kala Pahad. The Vaishnavi image is installed in the south and Lord Budhharaja is worshipped in the north direction. The Fort's presiding deity is Goddess Dokari or Old Lady, which is enshrined inside the Fort. Locals believe that the Fort was home to a demon king, Gosingha Daitya.


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Gudahandi is an incredible, and picturesque spot that is a result of the three adjoining hills in Kalahandi. Not only naturallybountiful, but also Gudahandi is home to several evidences that are believed to be of pre-historic age. The caves that belong to these hills bear several paintings on their walls. These paintings are believed to have been made during the Indus Valley Civilisation. All the caves are more or less of the same size, except the one present towards the extreme North. You can be easily mesmerized by the red and black paintings present at the entrance of the caves.


Rabandarh is a place to visit in Kalahandi and is home to a cascading waterfall that dwells amidst the dense green forest. It is a serene and tranquil location with only the sound of the waterfall. You will have to cross the dusty roads to reach this place. It is a well known picnic spot. Adventure lovers come here for trekking too. The natural beauty that casts serenity and seclusion all around Rabandarh is a major attraction in Kalahandi.


Kalahandi, Land of the Pre-Historics

Photo Courtesy: Siddhantbabu

Mohangiri is a quaint village in Kalahandi, which comes under the places of interest for the Shiva Temple. A stream named Kali Ganga flows close to the village. On the bank of this stream lies the ruin of the ancient Shiva Temple with eleven pillars of Jagmohan Hall. A Shiva Linga has been unearthed along with the temple which is now been placed inside a hut for worshipping. The temple is a unique combination of the present period and the olden times.

How to Reach Kalahandi

By Air: One can travel to Kalahandi by air either from the Raipur Airport, which is 259 km away or from the Vishakapatnam airport which is 341 km away. The Bhubaneswar airport which is 450 km away is another option.

By Train: The Kesinga Railway Station is the nearest railway station which lies in close vicinity to Kalahandi. It is well connected to all the major cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai. Several tour packages offered by various travel companies can help anyone reach the destination from the railway station.

By Road: Two major National Highways 201 and 217 pass through Kalahandi. Many state run buses are readily available which connects all the major cities like Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Sambalpur, etc. Several private buses are also available.

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