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Interesting Facts About Thousand Pillar Temple in Telangana!

Written By: Siji Ram

Located on the slopes of the Hanumakonda hill close to Warangal in Telangana, the Thousand Pillar temple or the Rudreswara Swamy Temple is a popular pilgrimage site of the state. This distinct temple was built during the Chalukyan era.

This is one of the temples in Telangana that is not to be missed. Here are some interesting facts of the Thousand Pillar temple in Telangana.

thousand pillar temple

The Thousand Pillar Temple in Telangana
Photo Courtesy: Rajib Ghosh 

1. Shrines of the Temple
There are three shrines in the temple collectively called Trikootalayam. The Thousand Pillar tempe is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and the Sun God, Surya.

2. Architecture of the temple
The temple was constructed following the Chalukya style of architecture, which was typical to those times. The huge structure is one of the finest examples of the Chalukyan architecture. The temple is built on a 1m raised platform. Rock-cut elephants that are present on either sides of the temple are specific to the architecture of the Chalukyan era.

thousand pillar temple

A eautiful image of the temple
Photo Courtesy: Devadaskrishnan  

3. Pillars of the Temple
1000 richly carved pillars adorn the temple, yet they are constructed in such a way that none of the pillars obstruct your view of the shrine.

4. Shape of the Temple
The Thousand Pillar Tempe is built in the shape of a star.

5. Statue of Nandi
An impressive 6ft statue of Nandi is present at the entrance of the temple, which is a monolith of black basalt that is polished to perfection.

thousand pillar temple

Intricate carvings at the temple
Photo Courtesy: Raghukiran.buddiga 

6. Shiva lingas in the complex
The temple is surrounded by a large garden, where several shiva lingas are installed.

7. Festivals Celebrated At The Temple
The festivals held at the temple include Maja Shivratri, Kunkuma Puja, Karthika Pournami, Nagula Chaviti, Ugadi, Ganesha Festival, Bonalu festival and the Bathukamma festival. Saralamma Yatra or Samakka is a fair that takes place here every two years.

8. No Brahma worshipped
Unlike other temples where the Hindu Trinity (Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are worshipped, here the Sun God is worshipped along with Lord Vishnu and Shiva. This could be because the Kakatiyas, who built the temple, were not into worshipping Lord Brahma.

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