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Interesting Facts About Rani ki Vav

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Being one of the prominent attractions of Gujarat Rani ki Vav attracts a lot of tourists. The architecture and historical relevance of this beautiful stepwell is definitely commendable and if you are planning for a Gujarat trip, then this is certainly a must-visit place.

Located in Patan on the banks of river Saraswati, this beautiful piece of art has some facts that makes it even more interesting to explore. It's good to know about a place before visiting it; isn't it? Here are some of these interesting facts about Rani ki Vav that you should not miss!

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Built by a Queen
India is filled with monuments dedicated by a lot of kings in the fond memory of their queens. However, Rani ki Vav stands as an exceptional case, it was built in the loving memory of Bhimdev I by his widowed Queen Udayamati around 1050 AD. Rani ki Vav translates to 'Queen's Stepwell'.

Architecture of the Stepwell
The stepwell is designed like an inverted temple, with seven levels of stairs that are beautifully carved and sculpted with mythological and religious imageries. The stepwell is around 30m deep and the architecture reflects the rich style used during the time of Solanki dynasty.

The Tunnel That Reaches Sidhpur
Every monument has a mystery behind it and so does Rani ki Vav, beneath the last step of the well, there is a gate that leads to a 30m tunnel that opens to Sidhpur, a town close to Patan.

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Used to Cure Diseases
It is believed that, around 5 decades back, the stepwell contained medicinal plants and the water stored was used in curing viral fever and other ailments.

Sculptures in the Stepwell
There are close to 800 sculptures being carved on the inner walls of the stepwell. The main theme includes the Dasavataras (the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu).and the other sculptures are of sages, apsaras (celestial dancers) and Brahmins.

World Heritage Site
Rani ki Vav in Patan is among the World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO since 2014 and has been
maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

A visit to Patan is incomplete without a visit to Rani ki Vav that flaunts the craftsmanship of the artisans of those times. Other attractions that can be visited in Patan include the Jain temples and Sarasralinga Talav.

rani ki vav

Photo Courtesy: Bernard Gagnon

Hotels in Patan

Patan has a number of stay options from budget hotels to luxurious resorts. Some of the hotels in and around Patan that you can rely on include Hotel Tulsi, Rann Riders Safari Resort, Balaram Palace Resort and Hotel Desert Coursers.

Here's how to reach Patan

Travel to the land of this historical monument, and also do leave in your valuable suggestions/comments below.

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