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Interesting Facts About Hindu Temples!

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Hinduism is one of the prominent religions in India. There are Hindu temples built in almost every village and town, where several dieties are worshipped in various forms or avatars.

There are some common facts that distinguish Hindu temples from other religious centres. Let us check out what these interesting facts are!

Placement of the Idol
A common factor of Hindu temples is that the presiding deity is worshipped in the centre of the temple complex. Though other idols may be installed in others parts of the temple, the main idol is placed in the centre. The centre of a Hindu temple is called 'garbhagriha' or 'moolasthanam'.

airavateswara temple

Airavateswara Temple
Photo Courtesy: Supraja kannan

Footwear Not Allowed Inside
No Hindu temple allows footwear inside the temple. The temples would have a particular place outside the temple where the footwear is to be kept, whereas some temples even have a special counter where you can safely keep your footwear.

Ringing the Temple Bell
It is believed that a visit to the temple gives you immense amount of positive energy. This is by activating or energising all your 5 senses. By ringing the temple bell, your hearing sense is activated.


The temple lit up for Shivaratri
Photo Courtesy: Adarsh Padmanabhan

The Temple Lamps At The Temple
Temples are generally adorned with lamps lit with oil. This beautiful sight ensures that your sight sense is activated.

The Prayer Posture To Be Followed
Holding your palms together while praying activates your touch sense.

The Importance of Theertham
The theertham offered in every Hindu temple is drinking water that has been stored in a copper vessel for hours. This is said to have medicinal properties, and by drinking this water, your taste sense gets activated.


The huge Meenakshi Amman temple complex
Photo Courtesy: Jorge Royan


Pradakshina is nothing but perambulating around the main idol. It is believed that your body absorbs the positive energies from the idol as you walk around the garbhagriha after activating your senses.

Other Aspects Followed in Hindu Temples
Some temples offer sandalwood paste, whereas some offer kumkum to apply on the forehead. This is believed to prevent you from any loss of energy.

It is also interesting to know that some temples are exceptional regarding their functioning. Read more about such unique temples in India.

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