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Interesting Facts About Badrinath Temple

By Siji Ram

India has a lot to explore, from scenic locations and landscapes to sophisticated man-made wonders and other structures. From historical monuments to memorials and temples, India has a plenty of reasons for you to feel excited about.

Temples in India are perhaps one of the major reasons that drive travellers to our country. From the intricate architecture to the historical significance, many temples here, are living legends. This temple is one that is to be explored. Let's know some of the interesting facts about Badrinath temple.


Photo Courtesy: Priyanath

One of 108 Divya Deshams
Divya deshams are the most important Vishnu temples mentioned by Tamil saints. There are 108 divya deshams of which 105 are in India. Badrinath Temple located in Uttarakhand is one among these holy shrines and no wonder people from all over flock into this temple every year.

Char Dham & Chota Char Dham
Char Dham is a collective term for the 4 major Hindu pilgrimage sites of India. Badrinath is one among them, the other shrines being that of Dwarka, Puri and Rameswaram. Chota Char Dham is another pilgrimage circuit that is located at the Himalayas. These sites also include Badrinath, along with Yamunotri, Gangotri and Kedarnath.


Photo Courtesy: Priyanath

Tank With Medicinal Properties
Tapt Kund is a tank of hot sulphur springs which is just below the temple. Devotees take a dip at this tank before they pay a visit at Badrinath. This tank is believed to have medicinal properties, healing the devotees from ailments.

Mention in Ancient Scriptures
The Badrinath Temple has been mentioned in several Hindu epics like Bhagavata Purana, Skanda Purana and Mahabharata. The surrounding area of the temple has its mentions in Padma Purana as a land of spiritual treasures.

The Main Shrine
The main shrine at Badrinath temple is a 3.3ft stone image of Lord Vishnu, in the form of Badrinath covered with a gold shield. and the Lord here resides under a Badri tree (a berry tree).


Photo Courtesy: Raji.srinivas

Open For Six Months
The unique aspect of this temple is that, the Badrinath Temple is open only for 6 months in a year, which generally starts from the end of April and ends by the beginning of November. The temple is closed during the other months of the year due to the extreme climatic conditions of the region.

Since, the weather conditions are extreme, it is recommended to wear warm clothes.

Take a trip to Badrinath Temple, one of the most revered Hindu shrines of India.

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