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How To Spend 24 Hours In Udaipur

Udaipur is a tiny city in the state of Rajasthan. Like everything else in Rajasthan, Udaipur also has a regal history. The city was formerly occupied by the kings of Mewar and Udaipur was, in fact, the capital of the Mewar kingdom. Being the capital, Udaipur enjoyed its architectural glory which is still reflected in its surroundings. Udaipur is the lake city of India as it houses a number of artificial lakes. The Mughals crafted the surroundings of Udaipur and turned it into an architectural marvel. The beauty of lakes, the structural foundation, everything is scenic and takes you right back to the past.

We love how people enjoy going to the city just to revisit the past or just to see how it would have been to live in those times... While it is easy to get to Udaipur because of its road connectivity and highly active rails, it is not easy to appreciate the beauty of Udaipur in one day.

People, normally, take a 2-day holiday to stroll around the city but just in case you are stopping by for a day or have only 24 hours time on your hand, we've covered everything that is there.

We have collated a list of things you can do if you've only got a little time to spare and because we don't want you to miss out on anything that is important. So here we go.

Visit Fort Museums

Once what stood as the royal abodes where the money transactions happened, the kings ordered and the crowd bowed, have now turned into either a hotel to make some extra money or into a museum.

The beautiful mansion is breathtaking with an orangish shade and a yellowish tint. It is a typical regal building with a huge entrance and side domes. Even if you don't fancy history, you would want to enter this building just to find out what all it houses.

Eat At Hotel Ambrai

Another definite thing to do in the city of Mewars is to have a delicious lunch or dinner at the hotel Ambrai. Why you may ask? It is because the hotel overlooks a beautiful view of the lake. And in the evening, the entire place lights up, giving it an appeal of an ideal date setting.

It is calm and composed and the tranquillity of the water makes you feel like there is nothing so beautiful as well as calm in this world.

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Visit Lake Palace

Next on the list is Lake Palace, which is fancied by many because of its centric location. The palace was once made for the women of the royal family but now serves as a historical artefact. The Lake Palace floats on the water - not exactly; it seems like it is surrounded by water from all sides.

The white marble reflected on the lake water makes a beautiful picture. Udaipur is a place for photographers. They cannot go wrong with lighting. Even the bad shots are the best shots here.

Eat Laal Maas

Next on the list comes the delicacy. We are sorry for our vegetarian friends as this delicacy is a spicy Rajasthani dish made out of mutton. It is famous in Udaipur and if you eat meat, you've got to try this delicacy that has been passed along from generations to generations over the years.

Since the dish is quite popular, you are likely to find it anywhere. Try the street food and don't forget to try the yummy milk tea while hogging laal maas.


Enjoy Water Rides At Lake Pichola

Udaipur is a city with a number of man-made lakes and it boasts about it too. Now, the tourists come here and enjoy the beautiful rides at Lake Pichola. It's not like Kashmir but you get to see whimsical palaces as you ride in a colourful boat.

The ride offers some of the most beautiful views in the city so make sure you don't miss it. And if you are a photographer, you should definitely not miss it.

Explore The Craftsmanship Of Tapestry

Another thing to explore in Udaipur is the brilliant craftsmanship of workers. The tapestry in Udaipur is world-famous and the skill has been running in the families through generations. Every piece takes months and a lot of patience.

The craft is skilled and has been passed down by many workers. People from all around the world come to buy these beautiful crafty decors.

Visit Saheli Ki Baari

It is to be believed that the beautiful stepwell was built for the queens, the princesses and other royal women. Just like every other royal architect, this stepwell has its own excellence.

Even though archaeologists have studied the entire city, they still haven't found how the irrigation system worked in this stepwell as it is still working and is pretty active.

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