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How to Pack for a Winter Vacation

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December, the month of winter in India, is also a month of winter vacations. With Christmas and New Year to celebrate the month, it is also an ideal time to go for a family trip. Packing your bags for any trip could be a tedious task with many essential items to be packed and cross-checked several times.

Here is a winter travel check list to help you out. Let us see what are the items to be carried for a winter trip and how to pack for a winter vacation.

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Pack Your Clothes in Layers

Staying warm is important during the trip, hence ensure that you pack enough warm clothes. The best way to pack clothes is to pack them as layers with the thermal wear first, then the shirt/t-shirt and after that a pullover or a jacket. This will look good on you and keep you warm.

Pairs of Socks

Don't forget to pack enough pairs of socks. If your feet are kept warm, the weather can be handled without much difficulty. There is no harm in packing a few extra pairs of socks, as it doesn't consume much space.

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While Packing Footwear

One of the important things to pack for a winter vacation is footwear. While packing your shoes, make sure you don't take leather-soled shoes as they may not be a good option to travel at slippery areas or snowy regions. If you want a warmer choice of footwear, boots would be a good choice.


If you have covered yourself up well, you may not need an extra jacket or coat while you travel. However, it is advised to pack your coat so that you can use it when the weather gets severe. If you don't want to stuff your luggage with the coat, you can even use it as a pillow as you travel!

Accessories You Should Pack

Apart from the warm clothes and shoes, do pack other accessories that help you survive the extreme climatic conditions of the place. You can carry scarves, hats and gloves to protect yourself. To keep your skin soft and supple, use a good skin conditioner, preferably with UV protection.

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