» »A Well That Still Echoes 60 Women's Cry; The Haunted Sixty Graves In Bijapur

A Well That Still Echoes 60 Women's Cry; The Haunted Sixty Graves In Bijapur

By Vineeth Mohan

The sixty graves in Bijapur have a tale of woe to croon! The tale of 60 ladies who were mercilessly pushed in to a well. The well in Bijapur still echoes the woeful cries of 60 hapless ladies who were killed by their husband, Afzal Khan, who was a commander in Adil Shah dynasty of Bijapur. Let's see what makes Bijapur one of the most haunted places in Karnataka!


A well that echoes 60 cries!

The Sixty Graves in Bijapur has a most daunting tale to tell and is one of the most haunted places in Karnataka. The graves are located at an isolated place in Bijapur overlooked by wilderness. The graves made of black stones are arranged neatly in rows. The eerie silence in midst of the wilderness will definitely freak you out in this Sixty Graves which is one of the haunted places in Karnataka!

The dreadful story is set in the 17th century, at a time when Chatrapathi Shivaji waged a war against Adil Shah 11 . Afzal Khan led the forces against the Great Shivaji. The prophecy of his astrologers that he would die in the battle made him go mad with jealousy! He decided to kill all his 60 wives lest they remarry after his death.

The General took them to an isolated spot and murdered them by pushing all of them into a well. When two of them tried to escape, they were captured and murdered as well. A menacing silence surrounds this place. The cries of the 60 women seem to pervade the area!

Local people say no one dares enough to stay at the graves after dusk. They believe it to be a real haunted place. It is said that sobbing voices are heard from the place during certain nights. The forlorn place with it's eerie silence will definitely scare the hell out of you!

History only chants the glory of rulers but not their atrocities. While legends sing the glory of Afzal Khan, the 60 hapless wives of his are easily forgotten! It seems like they are still reaching out to the world here. If you have a thing for paranormal activities, Sixty Graves in Bijapur is where you need to be! But remember to leave the graves at dusk or be ready for a date with 60 ghosts at the most haunted place in Karnataka!!

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