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Feel Cozy in the Nature's Blankets – Grasslands in India

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Green and Green, with colors sprinkled by the wildflowers here and there is all we can see in grasslands. That rush of breeze ruffling the grass calls for our attention. You might have hit the patches of grasslands on some of your treks or while traversing through some ghat sections. Have you ever thought of visiting some grassland? It will be fun and soothing at the same time. You would have no one but the rush of air and song of birds that creates pleasant waves of music in your ears. Exploring the grasslands is unique offbeat travel which gives new experiences. Have a look at these popular grasslands in India which will enchant you to the core.

 Grasslands in India

Photo Courtesy: Sandeep Brar Jat

Khajjiar - Alpine Meadows

Meadows surrounded by alpine forests give Khajjiar a 'foreign look'. Located in the foothills of Dauladhar Ranges, Khajjiar is one of the top offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Not only can we see the enchanting pastures but also the dense jungles of deodar and fir. Travellers can also get a distant look of snow-clad Dauladhar ranges from Khajjiar. A lake in the middle of this hill station and the lush vegetation has made it famous as the 'Switzerland of India'. It is also a part of Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary which is a home to wildlife like Himalayan Black Martin, Jackal, Langur, Leopard and Barking Goral.

How to Reach Khajjiar

Khajjiar is around 20km from Dalhousie. It is well-connected by road to other parts of Himachal Pradesh. Khajjiar is in Chamba and it is one of the famous hill stations. Taxis or private vehicles are the best way to reach Khajjiar from Dalhousie. Panthkot Railway Station is the nearest railway station. You can also take state run buses from major cities of Himachal to reach Khajjiar.

 Grasslands in India

Photo Courtesy: Gvarma.biomed

Kudremukha - Shola Grasslands

It is the magic of Shola forests-grasslands which can be seen in the high altitude regions of Nilgiris, Karnataka and Kerala. A kind of stunted growth of forest spreading across a mountain plain, forms the Shola forests or the tropical montane grasslands. Especially, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve comprises of Shola Grasslands in South India. Kudremukha is one of the popular hill stations in Karnataka where you can witness the charm of the grassland vegetation. Shades of marshy green vegetation rolled across the mountain slopes will devour you in its beauty.

How to Reach Kudremukh

Kudremukh is one of the prominent hill stations in Chikmagalur. 

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 Grasslands in India

Dudhwa National Park
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Dudhwa National Park - Terai-Duar Savanna Grasslands

World's tallest grass can be seen in the Terai-Duar Savanna Grasslands. It is rare and unique which forms the base of the Himalayas. Dudhwa National Park comprises of Terai-Duar Savanna Grasslands that support the endangered species like Rhinoceros and Tigers in India. Dudwa National Park is one of the best wildlife destinations in the Terai of Uttar Pradesh. Rich and diverse wildlife is supported by the unique Terai vegetation. You can find the patches of Terai-Duar Savanna Grasslands even in the famous Kaziranga National Park of Assam.

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 Grasslands in India

Auli Bugyal
Photo Courtesy: Sandeep Brar Jat

Auli Bugyal - Bugyals

Bugyals are fondly known as 'Nature's Own Gardens'! They are found in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Bugyals play a double-role; alpine pastures that look splendidly green in summer and monsoons and get converted into skiing grounds during winters. Bugyals are one of the nature's wonders that beautify the mountains of Uttarakhand.

Auli Bugyal is one of the interesting destinations in Garhwal Himalayas. Interestingly, it is not just the meadows but the deodar, oak and coniferous forests can be seen here. Auli is one of the best skiing destinations in India and it is the same bugyal that covers in snow to make it a skii resort.

Bedni Bugyal, Dayara Bugyal, Gorson Bugyal and Tunganath Bugyal are some of the famous bugyals in Uttarakhand.

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Rann of Kutch - Banni Grasslands

Rann of Kutch has a special eco-system that supports a lot of wildlife. It consists of Banni Grasslands (arid grassland) that exists in the marshy grounds of Rann of Kutch. Several species of animals like golden jackal, Indian wild ass, blackbuck, wildbore, etc. survive in this unique saline desert vegetation.

How to Reach Rann of Kutch

State Buses and Private Buses are available to reach Rann of Kutch. Also, it is well-connected through railways from other cities like Mumbai, Bhuj and Ahmedabad. Bhuj Airport is the nearest airport to Rann of Kutch.

Grasslands are under-rated vegetations in India but their contribution to our biodiversity is tremendous. Grasslands also support many endangered species and have helped in preserving some almost extinct wild species. These vegetations also have special medicinal herbs that can't be found anywhere. So there is a dire need to give importance to grasslands. However, they are also the sensitive zones. So, it becomes our responsibility to protect and not pollute it!

Enjoy clicking some funky selfies and grand photography session at these grasslands as they provide great background.

Happy Grassland Tour!

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