» »Fun Road Trip To Sakleshpur From Bangalore

Fun Road Trip To Sakleshpur From Bangalore

By Srushti

On a tiring Friday night, all I wanted to do for the weekend was to run away from the city. The whole week had been a mess and getting a break, possibly in the arms of nature, was something I was looking forward to. The undying spirit of the city, which I always loved, was now getting on my nerves. Traffic jams, merciless rains that only worsened the case and the monotonous routine was just too much to take.

I made a few calls to my friends, who luckily seemed to have been rather saturated with work too. Thankfully, there are many getaways from Bangalore and this time we chose Sakleshpur. While all we had in our mind was to find a resort and unwind in the place, the route we took had other plans for us.

The distance from Bangalore to Sakleshpur is about 220 km that will take 5-6 hours to be completed. The journey to the destination itself was fun since we all decided to sing hoarsely along with old Bollywood music that played in our car stereo. Nostalgia hit us like a train with all of us unveiling our college stories and recollecting funny tales about everyone.

weekend getaways from Bangalore

PC: Bikashrd

Our first stop during the drive was at the ruins of Shettihalli Rosary Church, an offbeat location on the way to Sakleshpur. It looked glorious and emanated unparalleled beauty, in spite of being broken down to ruins. The location makes for a great photo shoot and that was what my friends and I stopped to do for a bit.

A small tip about the place-if you are one of those amateur short movie producers, this might be a great location for a shoot. After spending some time in the barren land of the church that is picturesquely set beside a small duvet, we set back to driving to our destination.

We stopped at another place, which was the Hemavathi Dam that also falls on the way. After a long walk on what seemed to be a barren, dry and dusty landscape, we reached the dam. The mighty dam that consisted of little water made for another nice backdrop for a photo shoot session.

weekend getaways from Bangalore

PC: Ashwin

Finally, after the two stops and a small stop for food, we made it to Sakleshpur. Although there are quite a few places of interest around the small town, time constraints didn't permit sightseeing. However, the homestay we booked was a good enough experience.

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It was set beside a beautiful stream and the place had a nice fireplace that was perfect for the night. My friends and I gathered around the fireplace, continued chatting to our heart's content while listening to the dull trickling of the stream.

After a good night's sleep, we relaxed and woke up to the beautiful sunrise. Just before noon we decided to take a dip in the clear stream that had surprisingly ice-cold water, but was nevertheless, fun to get into. We had a hearty lunch and relaxed till the evening.

weekend getaways from Bangalore

PC: Ashwin

At a walkable distance from the homestay, we found a volleyball court that was set in slush! The kid in all of us came rushing out as we ran to the place and played volleyball in the slush! Needless to say, our clothes were gone for a toss but the fun we had was completely worth it. One of our friends decided to play a slush fight that ended up in most of us coloured in brown right from head to toe!

After cleaning ourselves back at the homestay, we packed our bags back to Bangalore, all ready to hustle again. For a perfect escape from the tiring lifestyle of work or study, visit Sakleshpur right away.

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