» »Lord Shiva temple in Ellora caves – The most gigantic structure carved out of a mountain!

Lord Shiva temple in Ellora caves – The most gigantic structure carved out of a mountain!

By Vineeth Mohan

India is a collage of marvels! Be it natural or artificial, she astounds one and all with her charm and eminence. Home to countless centuries old temples and structures, it is rather bewildering to comprehend how ancient people managed to build such epic structures with absolute precision and magnificence. Ellora caves in Maharashtra is one such complex that baffles one and all with its grandeur. Let's see some interesting facts about the Ellora caves that are quite stunning!

Ellora caves in Maharashtra

Ellora caves is one of the largest rock-cut cave complexes in the world and is regarded as a World Heritage Site along with the nearby Ajanta Caves.

The site features over 100 caves, of which 34 are opened to public, with spectacular monuments and artworks that dates back to 600 CE.

Lord Shiva temple in Ellora - Cave 16

Ellora caves in Maharashtra

PC : Shriram Rajagopalan

Cave 16 of Ellora is the most remarkable of the cave temples. Carved out of a mountain, this Kailash temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world! It stands twice as tall as the Parthenon in Greece and features spellbinding artistry.

Some historians estimate that construction of the temple required the removal of over 400 thousand tons of rocks. Do you want to know something more incredible?! Many archaeologists believes that this feat was achieved in 18 years!! In reality, such a feat is not even possible today with the help of modern technology!

Ellora caves in Maharashtra

PC : Purblind

Kailasa temple in Ellora also features a massive 100 foot tall monolithic pillar which is completely carved out and connected to the base of the structure, which leaves many baffled about how this could have been accomplished!

This Ellora rock cut temple is the only temple in the whole world where an entire mountain was cut out vertically from the top down to create a monolithic structure!

Ellora caves in Maharashtra

PC : Shriram Rajagopalan

There are 34 caves in all: 12 Buddhist caves (500-750 AD), 17 Hindu caves (600-870 AD) and 5 Jain caves (800-1000 AD). The coexistence of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain structures serves as a splendid visual representation of the prevalent religious tolerance of India.

Locally known as Verul Leni, the caves has monasteries and caves that depicts various legends of Hinduism such as 'Dasavatharam' of Lord Vishnu.

Ellora caves in Maharashtra

PC : Travelling Slacker

Travel to this marvel of a structure to experience the brilliance first hand! The magnanimity of Ellora caves is sure to leave you spellbound. Happy Travelling :)

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