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Elgandal Fort: Of Doors and Oscillating Minarets

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Maybe, most provincial rulers are forgotten after a time but they resurface through the architectures they have built. In a way, these rulers are immortal through the magnificent structures that mark our lands. Each fort, castle, temple, mosque, etc. belonging to the bygone era is a remainder of glorious times. Now, we can only walk through those rustic areas to relive those times!

Elgandal Fort

Elgandal Fort
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Elgandal Fort is one such structure that takes us to an Utopian world. The big archways, doors, minarets, water tanks inside the fort depicts the life inside the fort. At a time, Elgandal Fort was a priced possession for any ruler and today it is one of the must-visit heritage sites near Karimnagar.

Attractions in Elgandal Fort

Elgandal Fort is an ancient hill-fortress which underwent several changes during the rule of Qutb Shahi dynasty.

Initially, the moat or the trench around the hill fort is what we would see as we begin the trek to the fort. It is said that crocodiles were kept in these moats. Thereby, providing a simple yet efficient defence to the fort.

Elgandal Fort

Elgandal Fort

Later, we can notice several doors and archways located in the fort. These doors indicate to the security levels that existed in this fort. Enemies had to pass through all these doors to reach the main castle. Now most of these door ways are open and look like arches.

A few cannons scattered across the fort are also the prominent attractions here.

On top of the fort, there is also an Eidgah (a hall used for Eid prayers) and a mosque where you can see the minarets. And it is believed that these minarets oscillate when shaken. However, these minarets are the major attractions of Elgandal Fort. They make this fortress look really picturesque!

Elgandal Fort

Elgandal Fort

Elgandal Fort was built by the rulers of Kakatiya Dynasty. Hence, there are two small temples in this hill fort. It was only later that it was occupied by the Qutb Shahi dynasty.

Other interesting attractions are a shed like structure which was used to house elephants and the water tanks. Brindavan Tank located near the Eastern Gateway is another prominent attraction.

Since there are several tombs dedicated to those of Muslim saints , an annual urs on the 11th and 12th day of Moharram is celebrated with great fervour and gaiety. You may also get to see the temples of Neelakantha Swamy and Narasimha Swamy in the fort.

So do not miss to explore this historical fort of Elgandal fort on your visit to Karimnagar.

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