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» »Experience the grandeur of the Himalayas with the Deo Tibba trek

Experience the grandeur of the Himalayas with the Deo Tibba trek

Written By: Swathi.B

My life was getting monotonous with doing the same things, at the same time, with the same people. All my actions and energies were spent towards the same fixed goal.

I decided to unlearn things. I thought to myself that it is high time I rediscover life, people, nature and everything surrounding me. I chose to do something to inspire me, motivate me, and look forward to waking up every day. I chose to climb a mountain in the Himalayas - a mountain that is 12,000 feet above the sea level. 

Deo Tibba Trek

PC: wikimedia.org

Deo Tibba (also known as the "Throne of Gods") Base trek is one of the most picturesque treks in the Manali region, which renders landscapes scaling from alpine forests, meadows, moraines & a high-altitude lake Chandratal (4480 m). The trek offers magnificent view of snow-clad peaks of Deo Tibba (6001 m), as well as the glaciers of Jagatsukh & Deo Tibba.

The trekking course goes by Seri, which was a glaciated lake once upon a time, but is now a pasture laid with an incredible province of the alpine flowers. It is a must-do trek for the first timers as well regular trekkers. The Rohtang Pass is set at the top of this peak. I booked a tour agency online, having decided to travel with strangers.

Best Time To Undertake The Deo Tibba Trek: May to October

Deo Tibba Trek

PC : Satish Krihnamurthy

Things To Carry For A Safe And Light Trek

Walking stick, flash light, medicines, compass, trekking shoes, sleeping bag, binoculars, camera, woollen clothes, water bottle, snacks and chocolates.

I flew from Bangalore to Kullu and took a bus to reach Manali. The trek was supposed to start from Khanol.

Day 1: Khanol - Chika
After breakfast at Manali, I took a taxi to reach Khanol via Jagatsukh. Jagatsukh, meaning Happiness of the World, is a close-knit village community with happiest people of the world, indeed. The drive from Jagatsukh up to the local dam at Khanol is full of hairpin bends that slowly draw you in with each passing bend.

It is a 1-hour drive and covers a distance of 12 km. We reached Khanol and started the trek to the first camp site at Chika; the walk starts with a steep climb for fifteen minutes, and for the next one hour, the walk is gradual and takes you through the wondrously dense alpine forests in between.

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We broke to have lunch by a stream. After stuffing ourselves with food, we started to walk again in the jungles. After a walk of twenty minutes, a small and ferocious mountain stream with snow revealed itself to us. We covered a distance of 5 km and the last half an hour to our first camp site at Chika was covered in the grasslands that were filled with colourful flowers.

Day 2: Chika - Seri

Deo Tibba Trek

PC : Satyamrai7777

The sun was shining on us gloriously. As we trekked up from Chika, the landscape changed with every turn we made. For the first two hours, we walked mostly through plain grasslands and a river flowing close by. It was easy. There are snow-covered mountains from all sides and small streams that kept coming our way. It's a lot of fun prancing around to cross the streams. It relieves us of all the tiredness of trekking.

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After trekking four km, the next 1 hour entailed crossing big-sized boulders, which was a different experience all together. After having lunch at Dodu Pathar, we walked the terrain, which was mostly filled with snow. This is a high-altitude zone and breathing gets heavy. We reached Seri, our campsite for the night. The trek distance on Day 2 was six km.

Day 3: Seri - Tainta

Deo Tibba Trek

PC : Bharatkaistha

The day started with easy walking across the flat section of the meadows and stream crossing.
We started early because the day ahead had steep climbs & long distance to cover. We climbed through boulders onto a ridge. After taking a left turn through the ridge, the giant view of Deo-Tibba gaped at us.

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We were taught to use the toe-ticking technique to get through the snow. The air was getting thinner and thinner, which was very taxing physically. We climbed up and reached our campsite - Tainta. After depositing our luggage, we walked to see Lake Chandratal. This is a glacial lake that is bound by snow-clad mountains on all sides.

Day 4: Tainta - Chika

Deo Tibba Trek

PC : Sarikaathavale

We retraced the same path that we used to ascend in the last three days. We camped at Chika and slept under the stars for one last time before moving back to the city and edification.

Day 5: Chika - Manali
We trekked back to the starting point of the trek, Khanol. Our trek ended at this point. After reaching the base camp and refreshing ourselves, we took a cab to reach Manali. 

During these five days, I was confronted with things I didn't know about me and about the world. I saw the world from a height of 12,000 feet and there was no place for ego, but just wonder and reverence for this wonderful phenomenon called Nature.

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