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Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

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Travel mistakes are a part of travel experience. Some are made by avid travellers while others are commited by those travelling for the first time. Weather it is a journey to your hometown or an exploring expedition to a new country, mistakes while travelling is a very common scenario.

Is it possible to become flawless? Then how can we expect a perfect travel? "One who makes no mistakes makes nothing" said Giacomo Casanova. Therefore, the more we travel the more experienced we become, and with experience we gain the capability to avoid them.

Here are some of the common travel mistakes which we generally come up with. Avoid these mistakes and indulge yourself in a fun filled and blessed journey.

Advance Booking

Many travellers make the mistake of not reassuring their bookings before leaving for their journey. Be it train, flights, bus or hotel such travel mistakes can make you land in a mess and spoil your enthusiasm. Booking tickets in the wrong name is another fun spoiler. Before your departure make sure to recheck all that you need for your travel.

Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Excessive Luggage

One of the common travel mistake is overloading ourselves with unnecessary items which might pose problem in the long run. Clothes or cosmetics can be adjusted for several times, as your enjoyment lies in travelling and not being fashion conscious.

Count on Cash

Travelling and cash goes hand in hand. But do keep it for emergency purposes rather than wasting it on something which treats you visually. It might be special for that moment but finally becomes a massive travel mistake. Be a spendthrift, but only there where you expect it to remain as a souvenir.

Be your own Guidebook

Don't fall for making the mistake of relying on popular guides which might take you to no man's land. Be well prepared beforehand. Get a sound knowledge as to which places you need to visit and the path you need to travel for that. Be particular about any place you look forward to rather than trusting 'near' or 'beside' statements. Locals can suggest but reassure their guidance.

Pack Properly

While venturing for long distance journeys, we generally forget to wrap the liquid materials or tighten the caps. Such travel mistake creates more harrasments. Specially if it is a flight journey, liquids or semi liquids can cause problems. Be flexible on whatever you pack.

Lacking Idea of Travel Insurance

Insurance policies are issued for your safe and secured travel. Just make judicious use of them rather than pondering over extra investments on those. Also if you are travelling abroad make sure to have a sound idea of the phone and rental policies you make.

Obsessed about Photography

Many of us get obsessed about clicking photos and get busy with even those which are not even worth enough. These travel mistakes might kill your precious time which you can spend in exploring something new. Won't you agree to the fact that there are certain clicks which you later ponder over as to why did you click those?

Baggage Unattended

One of the common travel mistake genarally made is leaving your baggage unattended. Relying on strange people in unknown places must be avoided while travelling. Be it at the airport or railway station, keep an eye on your baggage. You might be repaid through insurance but will surely miss out on the lovely things your bag contained.

Patience Paid

Be patient and calm while travelling. Generally we tend to loose temperament and end up messing with people of other places. Most of the time we are unable to understand the society and the people we are surrounded by. Unable to deal with them will be our mistake. Afterall, you are at their place and getting agitated and frustrated might not help you.

You must be keen in travelling and as such commited some travel mistakes. Share with us some of those.

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