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Clothing Tips For India Travel

Written By: Akshatha

First of all, packing is a big hassle for many. The organised kind or not confused kind don't have trouble packing, but it is the unorganised lot who have to bother. An extra pair of clothes always come in handy even when you go for one-day trips.


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Of course, for a big trip, that too in a country like India, needs a lot of planning regarding clothes. Unlike the cold regions, India is considerably warm except in the Himalayan regions or during winters. So, there is no need to carry big cloaks or thick leather jackets here. However, there are few things which you should keep in mind while packing for India trip.

Here are some useful clothing tips for India Travel which will make it easier for you!

Less Revealing Clothes

Indians are moderate yet conservative when it comes to clothing. It is better if you don't wear revealing clothes unless you are in a place like Goa and Pondicherry. Better wear clothes which are less revealing, especially solo women travellers,it is much safer that way. Still,you can wear jeans, tee-shirts, sweatshirts without bothering much.

Religious Barriers

It is better to enquire about the dress-codes in religious places. In many temples, you have to wear a headscarf before entering the shrine. In many South Indian temples, women are not allowed in Jeans and short tops. So enquire about it before visiting the religious places. It is good not to hurt the religious sentiments.

Leave Out Your Foot Wear

In India, no one is allowed to enter a sacred place wearing footwear. So, if it is your first time in the country, then be aware of the fact that your slippers or shoes are to be left outside before entering a religious place.

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Sober Colours For Wildlife Travel

This is the standard code yet don't wear bright colours for wildlife destinations. Especially for wildlife safaris or Zoos. Animals tend to get disturbed or irritated by bright colours.

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Dress For Climate

India has a considerably warm climate at all months, but it again depends on the place and season. In summer, don't carry any thick garments. Better wear cotton clothes to feel light. If you are visiting Himalayan regions or any hill stations, then take sweaters and thermal wears are must . Winter and rainy seasons are chilly, so pack some waterproof jackets and warm clothing.

No National Flag Prints!

Any disrespect to the National Flag will lead to a controversy because we are a patriotic country. So, please do not wear any print which is similar to the Indian National Flag. Let us not offend the natives!

Avoid Flashy Jewellery

It is nice to avoid wearing flashy jewellery on any travel, but it is safe as well. Try avoiding wearing expensive jewellery while travelling as there are chances of getting mugged.

Happy travelling with less baggage and if you have feedback, please leave it in the comments section.

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