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Best Summer Vacations In Tamil Nadu

Some of the best summer vacations in Tamil Nadu include Yanam, Tranquebar, Mahabalipuram, Chettinad, Madurai, Chidambaram, Rameshwaram, Thanjavur, Velankanni and many more. To help you begin this summer season with happy and beautiful memories with your loved ones, we have made a list of the top destinations to visit in Tamil Nadu in the summer for you.



Situated on an island, this is one of the most religious places in Tamil Nadu. The town is separated by a Pamban bridge from Sri Lanka and is a perfect place to explore if temple hopping is the sole purpose of your trip. There are some great hotels in Rameswaram, where one can stay during their trip here.


Of all the best tourist hotspots in Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur has a lot to offer when it comes to experiences. This city of temples boasts paintings, antiques, handicrafts, textiles, and sarees, which are amongst the popular things to be admired around.


While you may not have heard of Velankanni before like most of the other cities in the state, this place is worth your time and visit. It is a gorgeous coastal town popular for a spectacular church that was built in the honor of Mother Mary. The distance that one needs to cover fromPondicherry to Velankanniis around 160 kilometres and one can easily find road transport to cover this path.


Located on the west bank of the Thamirabarani River, Tirunelveli offers many exciting tourist attractions like breathtaking waterfalls, scenic beauty, temples and much more. Along with many religious places, the city also has some wonderful delicacies you can try.


Yanam is a small city in the district of Puducherry, India and is one of the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu. The place is famous for its interesting history and culture. One can enjoy the sunrise and sunset view from the viewpoint and visit a few holy temples spread around the city. The city also has some old churches with a touch of French architecture.


Tranquebar is a tranquil destination known as the land of the singing waves. This tiny beach town dates back to the 14th century with the establishment of the Shiva Temple built-in 1306. The place has a lot of history to learn, amazing architecture to adore, and a lot of activities to enjoy in one of the best places to visit Tamil Nadu in the summer.


Sitting just a few kilometres from Madurai, Chettinad is a hidden region that is known for its ancient and old mansions, lip-smacking meat curries, and rich heritage. This region is the coolest place in Tamil Nadu for those who are seeking an amazing day-out experience. With plenty of places to witness and ample dishes to relish, Chettinad is a foodie's paradise.


Constructed like a lotus, Madurai Cityis mostly popular for its Meenakshi Temple. Amongst all the other things to do in Madurai, this city is one of the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu, if you admire the great architecture or are religious at heart.


A beautiful temple town, Chidambaram is situated in the eastern part of Tamil Nadu. The glorious history, rich culture, and diverse traditions of this city have the magic of leaving anyone in awe. A trip to this town is perfect if you're a history buff, or have a thirst for knowledge.


Popular for its intricately carved temples and caves, Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu is another gem to marvel at. Located just a few kilometres from the capital city, travelling from Chennai to Mahabalipuram is, not at all a hassle. The city has beautiful beaches, magnificent architecture, soothing weather, and offers a refreshing experience to every kind of tourist.

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