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Best Art Galleries in Kerala!

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Kerala is not just known for its hypnotising beauty and the serene landscapes that attract any traveller, it is also a land of festivals and art that portray the rich culture of the state.

Abundant with art galleries and museums, Kerala is one of the places that you should not miss if you're an art lover. Let's take a look at some of the best art galleries in Kerala!

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Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi

This is a beautiful place in Kochi where you can have a cup of coffee and have a chitchat with your loved ones as you enjoy the artistic ambience. Art works by famous and emerging artists are portrayed here, and it is an ideal environment to have a heated discussion on art, accompanied by some delicious snacks!

Location: Burgher Street, Fort Kochi, Kochi
Opening Hours: 8.30am-10pm on all days


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Sree Chitra Art Gallery, Thiruvananthapuram

Located in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, Sree Chitra Art Gallery holds a huge collection of amazing works by various eminent artists like Raja Ravi Varma, Nicholas Roerich, Jamini Roy and Rabindranath Tagore. It displays artforms from Bengal, Rajasthani, Rajput, Mughal and Tanjore schools of art. Apart from these, it also has a collection of International works, miniatures and manuscripts from various parts of the world.

Location: Sooryakanthi Rd, Nanthancodu, Thiruvananthapuram
Opening Hours: Open from 10am-4.30pm on all days except Mondays and Wednesday forenoons


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David Hall Art Gallery, Kochi

This old Dutch bungalow is now renovated to an art gallery which also has a cafe. It is a platform for young artists to exhibit their contemporary art, and also a great place to have some nice pizza over a chitchat as you marvel the works by the talented artists.

Address: 1/264, Opposite Parade Ground, Fort Kochi, Kochi
Opening Hours: 12pm-9pm on all days

Glo Art Gallery, Palakkad

Glo Art Gallery is one that promotes and encourages young artists, and bridges the gap between the artists and the society. They celebrate Indian culture, art, places, life and the people with the breathtaking works portrayed here.

Address: House No.32, Nandapuri Ever Green Avenue, Aiswarya Nagar, Kunnathurmedu, Palakkad
Opening Hours: 9.30am-7pm

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