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5 Awesome Babymoon Beach Destinations in India

Written By: Akshatha

Pregnancy is a happy yet tough time for sure! That too when all the dear ones are pampering and guarding your every step, it is hard to get some space. In all this chaos, fitting travel is a big thing and slightly risky as it involves your bundle of joy.

Still, there is no rule that pregnant women shouldn't travel; they just have to be fit to do so. Usually, the second trimester is considered as the best time for journeys.

Of course, going to a hill station or hiking is not an option at all for a babymoon. Beaches seem to be pretty safer for trips during pregnancy. So, we bring you some beautiful babymoon beach destinations in India.

Check with your doctor and head to any of these babymoon destinations in India!

Babymoon Beach Destinations in India

Bogmalo Beach
Photo Courtesy: Dinesh Bareja

Bogmalo Beach - Vasco Da Gama

Goa suits every kind of traveller; it is good for your babymoon too! There are too many beaches that are well connected by road. Goa's Dabolim International Airport is very near to the city of Vasco da Gama. Hence, Bogmalo Beach which is 4km from Vasco Da Gama is a nice idea for your babymoon.

Babymoon Beach Destinations in India

Alleppey Beach
Photo Courtesy: Christian Haugen

Alleppey Beach - Kollam

On one side it is the sprawling backwaters with beautiful houseboats and on the other, it is the coastal line of Alleppey. It is so soothing to visit such a serene place on your babymoon! Alleppey Beach or Alappuzha Beach is sure to make your time a memorable one. Alleppey is one of the popular tourist places in Kerala and there are a number of good stay options as well as other facilities. Alleppey is around 90km from Kollam.

Babymoon Beach Destinations in India

Pannambur Beach
Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Kumar

Pannambur Beach - Mangalore

The flavour of Mangalore is interesting and unique. It is a cultural hub and a tourist place with several beaches. Panambur Beach is the city beach which is active and dynamic. Mangalore is also one of the major port cities in Karnataka. You can explore and also enjoy some lip-smacking food (veg and non-veg) in Mangalore. You don't have to worry about the medical facilities or transport. Hence, it is one of the best babymoon beach destinations in India.

Babymoon Beach Destinations in India

Promenade Beach
Photo Courtesy: Nvvchar

Promenade Beach - Pondicherry

Promenade Beach in the heart of Pondicherry is one of the beautiful destinations. The vast horizons of the Bay of Bengal allures tourists from across the world. Exploring the colonial heritage, tasting the French delicacies and a stroll around the beaches makes your babymoon in Pondicherry a beautiful one! Pondicherry is a well-developed city centre with good transport systems. So you can feel safe during your babymoon!

Babymoon Beach Destinations in India

Kihim Beach
Photo Courtesy: Ameyness

Kihim Beach

A journey for about 100km from Mumbai will take you to Kihim. This coastal village is one of the weekend getaways from Mumbai. Kihim is well-connected by road from Mumbai and Pune. Kihim also has decent stay options; you can enjoy a tranquil time on the sandy shores of Kihim on your babymoon!

You don't have to totally restrict yourself on your pregnancy. Check out for a few things and go on a vacation. What with the baby coming in some months, you will be anyways restricted from going out for a while. So, choose some easily accessible place and enjoy!

Simple Tips For Babymoon

  • Please consult your doctor before planning a trip. Check whether you are fit enough for a travel at this time.
  • Choose a place which has good medical facilities. And note down emergency medical care numbers in case you need them during the trip.
  • Many airlines have strict regulations for pregnant passengers. Usually, you have to provide a letter from your doctor or midwife to state your health condition to take flights. Check out these rules and regulations before booking flights.
  • Do not choose long journeys (road journeys). Choose places that are considerably near to the place where you stay.
  • Don't travel to malaria-hit places or any disease hit places. Pregnant women are prone to viruses. So do a thorough check before planning.

Have a happy babymoon!


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