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Amazing Places To Visit In Karnataka In Winter Of 2022

The states in India are predictably similar at times, yet they are significantly diverse in hindsight. Karnataka has scores of inherent features drawing tourists around the year. It is one of the five South Indian states which have unique natural bounties. For those who haven't yet made their way to Karnataka, here are the amazing places to visit in Karnataka in the winter of 2022.

Nagarhole National Park


If your idea of an ideal vacation is between nature and wildlife, Nagarhole National Park is perfect for you! You can witness elephants, and other rare exotic animals close up in their natural environment. It's not uncommon to see herds of tuskers on the river shore and can be explored by jeep safari. This national park is a spot of flawless wilderness, with tranquil forest, gushing streams, and a quiet lake. Many adventure junkies visit the park for hiking in the area too!


Located about 25 Km away from Chikmagalur and lying on the banks of the Yagachi River, Belur has numerous magnificent temples belonging to the Hoysala Empire. These temples are the best remains of Hoysala architecture, with the highlight being their elaborate carvings. The chief temple, constructed to celebrate the victory of the Hoysalas over the mighty Cholas, took 103 years to build. Belur was invaded by the Mughals, causing the downfall of Hoysala rule.


Mysore has an extraordinary royal heritage, with the city's main tourist draw being the majestic Mysore Palace. There are many other notable buildings, temples and palaces to see, and it is also an extraordinary place to partake in yoga and shop for sandalwood and other souvenirs. Mysore zoo is one of the most visited zoos in Karnataka and hosts many beautiful animals in its shelter.


When touring Hampi, it's worth considering a short trip to the heritage sites of Badami, Pattadakal, and Aihole. Badami, formerly called Vatapi, was ruled by the Chalukya empire between 400 to 800 AD, and it is loaded with temples, monuments, and ruins from that era. The notable Chalukya style of architecture dawned in Aihole, and this hamlet is packed with about 120 stone temples, which regrettably doesn't get the recognition it deserves. With magnificent caves and four sets of impressive ancient rock-cut temples, Badami is one of the top historical hotspots to see at once in your lifetime! Pattadakal is more modest compared to Badami, however with only one temple complex; it's stately!


Chikmagalur is a scenic haven that's very popular with tourists around India. Situated amid the Western Ghats in the Southwest region of Karnataka, Chikamagular comes alive during the Summer season. Tens of thousands of Hikers flock there to ascend Mullayanagiri peak, one of the most eminent in the state. The region's diverse array of draws also covers cascades, wildlife retreats, homestays and temples.


The capital of Karnataka is a modern, fast-paced, and flourishing city, which is an abode to India's growing IT industry. It is chock-full of budding entrepreneurs and has a lively, urbane air around it. Although it's known for being an economic capital, many love Bangalore for its greenery, impressive structures, and churches.


With verdant mountainous ranges, Kodagu or Coorg (the English transcription of its name), is remarkably pictorial! And it is about 265 km away from Bangalore. This rustic paradise is notable for its abundant coffee estates, and the main highlight of a vacation to Coorg is unquestionably a stay amid the coffee estates. Besides that, the majestic Golden Temple, one of the top Buddhist monasteries in India, is not to be avoided as well.


Gokarna is a miniature version of Goa. However, it is more remote and offers much better privacy. Located in Northern Karnataka, Gokarna is a spiritual town with some of India's most unspoiled beaches. It alludes to both religious pilgrims and pleasure-seeking vacationers with equal enthusiasm. Visit Gokarna to get a feel for what Goa was like in its bloom, although time is short as developers already see the potential of this region. So, visit today and learn to surf in Gokarna's serene beach condition.


Once the capital of the Vijayanagar empire, Hampi is a rustic village, which is considered to be one of India's top historical destinations. Moreover, it is home to many significant Hindu temples and ruins that shapes Indian history. It has some remarkably captivating ruins, commixed with large rocks that are decked all over Hampi. The remains, which date back to the 14th century, stretch for just over 25 Km (10 miles) and comprise more than 450 monuments! Incredible positive vibes can be felt at this ancient place. You can visit Hampi with your family and kids to have a refreshing time.


The second highest statue of Lord Shiva in the world (the tallest one is in Nepal) is positioned at Murudeshwar on the Konkan coast, around 140 Km away from Mangalore. The mighty establishment also has a temple with an ornamented 20 storied Gopura (tower) and enclosed lift that goes all the way to the summit. Besides that, Murudeshwar is also home to one of the well-maintained beaches in Karnataka. You can partake in water activities like snorkelling and scuba diving with your friends and family.

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