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Alcohol, Noodles and Other Unique Prasad in Temples!

Written By: Siji Ram

In India, we have many temples dedicated to familiar and not-so-familiar deities that also include a bullet deity and rats that are worshipped. Similarly, we have some interesting temples where the prasad offered to the devotees make them different from the others.

Let's take a look at some of the unique prasad in temples in India!

1. Munch Murugan Temple - Kerala
As the name suggests, the deity here is Lord Murugan who's fond of chocolates. Yes, devotees offer Munch to the Lord to get al their prayers answered. Apart from Hindus, people from other religions also visit the temple to fulfil their wishes. Here, Munch is also offered to devotees as prasad after 'pushpanjali' and 'archana'.

2. Chinese Kali Temple - Kolkata
This temple located in Tangra area which is known as Chinatown, there's a Kali temple that offers devotees noodles and chopsuey and prasad. This Chinese Kali Temple acts as a bridge between the Chinese and Indian culture, making the bond between the communities stronger.

Parassinikkadavu Temple

Parassinikkadavu Temple that offers liquor to devotees
Photo Courtesy: Sreelalpp 

3. Parassinikkadavu Temple - Kannur
Parassinikkadavu Madappura temple in Kannur is known for its offerings. Fish, toddy and even bottles of liquor are offered to the deity. After the puja is done, all these items are served to the devotees as prasad. Green gram and coconut pieces are also offered to the devotees here.

4. Khabees Baba Temple - Lucknow
This temple is to worship Khabees Baba, who was a saint who lived here. The saint died as he was worshipping Lord Shiva, after which his followers constructed a temple at the place where he died. It is believed that the deity or Baba would fulfil all wishes of the devotees once he's offered liquor and kept happy. There are two slits on the idol through which devotees can pour alcohol n feed the deity. This alcohol is later collected n distributed to the devotees as prasad.

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple 
Photo Courtesy: Ryan 

5. Karni Mata Temple - Bikaner
This famous temple in Bikaner worships rats. The milk offered to the devotees as prasad are first fed to the rats. It is believed that the milk that has rat saliva in it brings luck to the ones consuming it.

Do leave in your valuable feedback and also let us know if you too know of any temples that serve such unique prasad!

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