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A Visit to Aghoreshwara Temple in Ikkeri

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Amidst the charm and beauty of Malnad stands the ancient Aghoreshwara Temple in Ikkeri. This shrine served as an important location in the past as Ikkeri was the capital of Nayaks of Keladi. The Aghoreshwara Temple stands a testimony to a local kingdom and its passion tonwards architecture.

Ikkeri is around 6km from the town of Sagara. It is a must to visit this ancient temple on your trip to this beautiful place. Sagar is the town which is surrounded by well-known tourist destinations in Shimoga.

Ikkeri Temple

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Structure of Aghoreshwara Temple

Shiva is the primary deity of Aghoreshwara Temple. The temple is a granite structure with rich carvings and a vast premises. It looks simple yet exotic in the way of its construction. The Aghoreshwara Temple has Hoysala-Dravidian style of architecture with a touch of Vijayanara style. The intricate carvings on the walls of the temple showcase any excellent craftsmanship. 


Nandi Mantapa

Along with the main shrine of Shiva, there is a shrine for his mount Nandi facing the idol. Ganesha, Subrahmanya and Mahishasuramardhini are also housed in different sub-shrines within the premises. 

Another interesting aspect of Aghoreshwara Temple is the erotic carvings. This is one of the unusual elements found in the temple. 

History of Ikkeri 

Ikkeri was under the Nayakas of Keladi during 1560 to 1640 AD. They ruled this kingdom for over a century till the invasion of Hyder Ali. Hence, the Nayakas of Keladi had a stronghold on the region of Malnad. Therefore we can also find several other historical places in the region belonging to the period Nayakas of Keladi.

Tourist Places In and Around Ikkeri

Rameshwara Temple in Keladi, Jog Falls, Someshwara Temple, Varadhahalli Sri Sridhara Swami Temple, Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari are some of the tourist places in and around Ikkeri.


Rameshwara Temple in Keladi
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Rameshwara Temple in Keladi is also one of the temples dating back to Nayakas of Keladi. It is also a Shiva Temple which is woven with interesting legends. It is said that this Shiva linga is a self-manifested deity and it was found in a forest. It is also one of the important temples near Sagara. In fact, both Ikkeri and Keladi are called as 'Twin Towns' and are often visited together.

How to Reach Ikkeri

Ikkeri is around 8km from Sagara. It is easily accessible by road. Tourists can either take local buses or autorickshaws from Sagara to reach Ikkeri. 

Sagara is a prominent town in Shimoga. It is connected by road and rail transport with other major cities of Karnataka.

So, don't miss out on visiting this beautiful temple town in Sagara. 

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