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A temple tour in Mangalore

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If Mangalore were a person, it would have perhaps suffered from split personality syndrome. Beneath the idyllic coastal town image lurks a much sober, god-fearing persona. Besides the family friendly beaches, there are also a significant number of churches and temples that could give a religious tourist his share of satisfaction and happiness. Native Planet takes a look at some of the temples that are within the city limits that should be part of the itinerary of any religious tourist.

Mangaladevi Temple

The Mangaladevi Temple is a Hindu temple situated about three km southwest of the city centre and the Central Rilway station. The name Mangalore is derived from the name 'Mangaladevi' , the presiding deity of the temple. Mangalore is the anglicised name of Mangaluru. The temple has significance for maidens as worship of the goddes is supposed to help them find a suitable match and lead a happy married life. Buses and auto-rickshaws are available to go to the temple.

A temple tour in Mangalore

Kadri Manjunatha

Kadri Manjunatha temple is another temple within the city limits which dates back to the 9th century. The temple has a unique history of being both Buddhist and Hindu in nature. Inscriptions indicate that this temple was Buddhist till about the 10th century AD and after that due to fall of Buddhism came into the fold of Hinduism and the chief deity was that of Manjunatha.

A temple tour in Mangalore

Gokarnatheswara temple

Situated at a distance of three kilometres from the Railway station, the Gokarnatheswara temple also known as Kudroli Sri Gokarnatha Kshetra is dedicated to Gokarnatha another name for Lord Shiva. Compared to other temples, this temple is recent and came into being in the 20th century. The temple was built as an answer to caste based repression of the Billava community and serves as a symbol of social equality. The temple has separate abodes dedicated to all the nine planetary gods.

A temple tour in Mangalore

Sri Durga Parameshwari temple

Slightly far from the city centre, Kateel is a temple town situated at a distance of 29 kilometres from Mangalore. This town is home to Sri Durga Parameshwari temple also known as Kateel Durga Parameshwari temple. The holy temple is situated on an islet in the middle of the sacred river Nandini. The scenic beauty around the temple is tempting even for a non-religious person. Thousands of devotees visit Kateel everyday to seek blessings from Durga Parameshwari.

A temple tour in Mangalore

Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi temple

Situated at a distance of 1 kilometre from the railway station, the Sharavu Ganapathi temple is supposed to have been constructed by King Veerabahu to atone for the sin of killing a cow at the very same spot. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

A temple tour in Mangalore

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