Weekend Getaways From Ahmedabad

Weekend Getaways From Ahmedabad

Manchester of India - Ahmedabad, doubles as both its cultural and commercial focal point, proffering travellers the chance to begin their expedition in the Saurashtra. And like every great city, it is in close proximity to a wealth of destinations, allowing locals ...
Best Offbeat Things Do Surat

5 Offbeat Things To Do While In Surat, Gujarat

If there is any city in Gujarat which can give a tough competition to other megacities of India in terms of growth, development, cleanliness and industrialisation, then it is certainly Surat. As it is generally popular as a major centre for ...
To The Incredible Wilson Hills In The Western Ghats

To The Incredible Wilson Hills In The Western Ghats

The Western Ghats is one of the richest hotspots in the country and is home to numerous hill stations, lakes, hills, waterfalls and cities. However, there are still several places in the Western Ghats which are far away from the eyes ...
Ahmedabad To Surat A Trip To The Diamond City Of India

Ahmedabad To Surat – A Trip To The Diamond City Of India

Surat is one of the major cities in the state of Gujarat and is extremely popular for its diamond cutting business and textile industries. Located at an approximate distance of 270 km from Ahmedabad, Surat is a perfect weekend getaway if ...
Live In These Laid Back Cities Of India

Live In These Laid-back Cities Of India

India is spread with happening metropolitan cities. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have extremely upbeat and outgoing people. With easy access to entertainment, latest trending fashion and technology and a fast-moving lifestyle, once living in a city becomes a habit, ...
Best Getaways From The Diamond City Of Surat

5 Best Getaways From The Diamond City Of Surat

Formerly known as Suryapur, Surat is a clean, port city of India. It is popular for textiles and diamonds. In fact, Surat is the location where up to 90% of the world's diamonds are polished. Located in the glorious state of ...
Dumas Beach In Gujarat A Haunted Beach

A Beach Haunted By Ghosts? Dumas Beach In Gujarat

Beaches are a place to de-stress. But not this one! Dumas beach is a haunted beach in Gujarat which creep the hell out of people during nights. Dumas beach in Gujarat is an urban beach located along the Arabian sea in ...
Weekend Getaways Around Champaner

5 Weekend Getaways Around Champaner

The town of Champaner is said to have been established by King Vanraj Chavda, who named the town after his loyal and most trusted minister, Champaraj. This town in Gujarat is much famed for its many relics that still stand here ...
Tourist Places Visit Surat Gujarat

Travel to the Diamond City of Surat

Situated on the South-West of Gujarat, Surat today is known for its textiles and diamonds. Beneath all this pomp and glitter lies a city of great historical significance and glory. The city is known to hold some attraction for each and ...
Places Visit Surat Gujarat

Surat - The City of Unique Attractions, Gujarat

The popular port city that gained prominence starting from the 17th century, Surat in Gujarat is now the second largest city in the state and a prime location for both commercial and tourism related activities. The city has many unique places ...

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