Thenmala In Kollam Kerala

Nature, Adventure & Culture: All in One at Thenmala

Nowadays, pristine weather has become a rare thing; city folks have almost forgotten about the unpolluted air! All we have to do is, get away to the woods to enjoy it. Yes, Thenmala is one of the first planned eco-tourist destination ...
Shakuni Temple In Kerala

One and Only Shakuni Temple

Temples for villains? Why would anybody build a temple for evil people? Just dig into one of the great epics Mahabharata to know why! You must have come across an article on Duryodhana Temple on our website! If you haven't 'Click ...
Duryodhana Temple South India Kerala

South India's Only Duryodhana Temple

Duryodhana is a great warrior and a villain from the epic Mahabharatha. If there are temples dedicated to Pandavas, then why not for Kauravas? Yes, you heard it right. A temple for Duryodhana! Though there are a few temples dedicated to ...
Major Landmarks Of Kerala Popular Landmarks

Major Landmarks of Kerala

Every city or a destination would have a landmark that represents that place. If Chennai Central railway station is for Chennai, it's the Pamban bridge for Rameswaram. Similarly, Kerala has its own landmarks for each district. All the 14 districts of ...
Ancient Cities In India

Travel Back in Time: Ancient Cities in India

One might wonder what the ancient cities then might look like now! Today we can only find some places that either holds their architectural heritage or are still inhabited. Many ancient cities we hear or read might have also perished over ...
Tourist Places In Kollam

12 Tourist Places in Kollam For a Super Vacation

Kollam served as a major trading centre during the rule of Portuguese and Dutch. The sea port became a prime centre of activities in that time. The district is blessed with nature's bounty as on one side it is the coast ...
Marvellous Palaces In Kerala

10 Marvellous Palaces in Kerala

A heritage travel around God's Own Country will introduce you back to the royal past. These enchanting palaces are the best to tell you about the royal era of Kerala. Some are built in typical Kerala style of architecture and others ...
Unexplored Hill Stations In Kerala

Explore the Unexplored Hill Stations in Kerala

Kerala is known for tourism and its places are famous around the globe; there are various enchanting hill stations that attract visitors in all seasons.The nature bounty has blessed this state with innumerable tourist attractions. A tour around some of the ...
October Places South India

Top Places to Visit in South India in October

October is a festive season in India; people get time for travelling in this beautiful month. Even in South India, October is the month for tours. Travellers love to search about the top destinations of the season. There are a number ...
Famous Boat Races Kerala

Famous Boat Races of Kerala

The exciting snake boat races ( Vallam Kali) of Kerala have a long history. They are 400 years old traditional water sports conducted during the season of Onam festival. It goes back to the kings of Alleppey ( Alappuzha) who used ...
Splendid Water Facing Hotels India

10 Splendid Water Facing Hotels in India

A luxury retreat with spectacular waterfront view makes one stay more memorable, and you wished you would never come back from the luxuries of the world. Travellers at these exhilarating waterfront retreats are sure to get awestruck by the sparkling turquoise ...
Top Places Visit South India During August

Top Places to Visit in South India During August

The land of beautifully sculpted temples, abundant rivers, mysterious forests, postcard views, exotic food and vibrant culture, South India has much to offer the exploring traveller. In the rainy season, the lush greenery of the south looks even more scenic, ...

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