Sri Subrahmanyaswamy Temple, Thiruthani

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Sri Subrahmanyaswamy Temple, famous among the tourists and pilgrims as Thiruthani Murugan Temple is one of the major Hindu pilgrim centers in the region. The temple is one of the six popular Subrahmanyaswamy Shrine in Tamil Nadu and is known as Arupadaiveedu. According to myths, the Lord married Valli, the daughter of the chief of a hunting tribe and the place then became a famous Hindu pilgrim destination.

Sri Subrahmanyaswamy Temple has been patronized by many rulers and local chiefs and the Vijayanagar rulers and zamindars were noteworthy amongst them. The temple had been mentioned in the compositions of Nakkeerar known as Tirumurugaatruppadai. To reach the temple one has to climb 365 steps which symbolize 365 days in a year.

There is also a Ganapathi temple and it is believed that Lord Ganapathi came here to assist lord Muruga to win the battle against Vall’s father. The temple is easily accessible by road, and regular pujas are conducted here.

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