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Vaidyanatheshwara Temple, Talakadu


If time permits, travellers are advised to visit Vaidyanatheshwara Temple that enshrines the idols of Goddess Manonmani, Lord Murugan and Lord Ganapathi. Upon reaching this temple, travellers can visit a madapam that has statues of Durgai, Shaaradaambigai, Lord Nataraja, Badhrakaali, and Durgai and Kaaligambal.

This temple, which is submerged in sand now, was built under the reign of the Chola Empire in the 14th century in Dravidian style of architecture. Navaranga, the main entrance of the shrine, has two Dwarapalaka statues of vast proportions, while the doorway located to the east of the main temple is engraved ornately.

The main shrine has a giant Shiva Lingam which has the face of Lord Shiva carved behind it. Statues of Parvathi, Vishnu, Alamelumanga, Shivlinga with multiple rudraksha, Kalikambal and Ganesha are placed near the Shiva Lingam.

The prakara or the huge corridor that envelops the temple has Shiva Lingas in many forms. Shrines of Shanmuga, Vinayak, Chamundeswari, Chandikeswara and Manonmani are also present here.

A small shrine with the idol of Nandi, the ride of Lord Shiva, is located at the zenith of the temple. It is visited by hordes of devotees during the Panchalingadarshana as it is one of the five ancient temples with the Panchalingam.

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