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Sravasti Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Sravasti

  • 01Jetavana Monastery

    The Jetavana Monastery was one of the main Buddhist monasteries in ancient times. It was the second monastery dedicated to Gautam Buddha and was used to spread knowledge about the religion and his teachings. It was the main place where Gautam Buddha gave his sermons.

    Several Buddhists visit the old centre to view the remains and pay their tributes. Presently, it is a historical park that is well maintained and peaceful. According to records, it was in Jetavana where the Buddha gave the majority of his teachings and discourses.

    However, after the erection of the second monastery, Migaramatupasada, the Buddha spent his time alternatively between Jetavana and the former. This monastery encompasses various buildings including Candanamala, Kaveri Mandalamala, Mulagandhakuti and Kosambakuti.

    Outside the building, there used to be a residential building belonging to Lord Samiddhisumana and an old Rajayatana tree.

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  • 02Anathapindika Stupa

    The Anathapindika Stupa is a beautiful stupa built by one of the leading disciples of Buddha. The literal meaning of this ancient stupa is “one who feeds the helpless”. Today, the stupa lies in ruins, but its magnificent carvings and architecture draw attention from both historians and tourists.

    It is believed that Lord Buddha visited Sravasti at the invitation of Anathapindika, whom he had met in Rajagaha. The Anathapindika stupa is said to have been built by him to commemorate the event.

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  • 03Saheth


    Saheth is located at the heart of Sravasti and is frequently visited by staunch Buddhists. It is famous for the vast cluster of Buddhist shrines. This site has also found frequent mention in various Hindu texts. Saheth was a prosperous centre of learning, training and worship in the ancient days although it was neglected for several years during medieval times.

    When historians and excavators realized that this site was the original place of the Jetavana Monastery, it became a major pilgrimage place for the Buddhists. Presently, the large area is mostly in ruins but is still visited by tourists and Buddhists regularly.

    A cluster of shrines comprising monasteries and stupas were also excavated. While the stupas belonged to the Kushana period, the temples were built during the Gupta period. Some of the remains belong to a time period extending between the Maurayan era (3rd century) and the 12th century.

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  • 04Maheth


    Maheth is a popular Buddhist shrine located in Sravasti. According to history, Maheth was the actual site of the ancient city of Sravasti. Spread across 400 acres, the site is a peaceful area that holds ancient ruins of old stupas and Buddhist shrines.

    The site was neglected for several years. It was only in the 20th century that excavations revealed its rich past and glory. Several ancient findings speak of the city’s rich past and heritage. Maheth is also home to the old Shobanath Temple.

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  • 05Payagpur


    Payagpur is one of the most popular historical places in Sravasti. It was once an Indian princely state. Remains of old architecture and buildings still signify the importance and extravagance of the city during the days of its glory.

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  • 06Balrampur


    Balrampur is located about 18 km away from Sravasti and is famous for its modern style temple and architecture. It is usually visited by tourists while they are on their way to see Saheth.  

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  • 07Khargupur


    Khargupur is an old town located a few kilometres away from Sravasti. It is usually visited for its old Prithvi Nathan Mahadeo Temple which is a beautiful and historical temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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