Saheth, Sravasti

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Saheth is located at the heart of Sravasti and is frequently visited by staunch Buddhists. It is famous for the vast cluster of Buddhist shrines. This site has also found frequent mention in various Hindu texts. Saheth was a prosperous centre of learning, training and worship in the ancient days although it was neglected for several years during medieval times.

When historians and excavators realized that this site was the original place of the Jetavana Monastery, it became a major pilgrimage place for the Buddhists. Presently, the large area is mostly in ruins but is still visited by tourists and Buddhists regularly.

A cluster of shrines comprising monasteries and stupa were also excavated. While the stupas belonged to the Kushana period, the temples were built during the Gupta period. Some of the remains belong to a time period extending between the Maurayan era (3rd century) and the 12th century.

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