Jetavana Monastery, Sravasti

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The Jetavana Monastery was one of the main Buddhist monasteries in ancient times. It was the second monastery dedicated to Gautam Buddha and was used to spread knowledge about the religion and his teachings. It was the main place where Gautam Buddha gave his sermons.

Several Buddhists visit the old centre to view the remains and pay their tributes. Presently it is a historical park that is well maintained and peaceful.

According to records, it was in Jetavana where the Buddha gave the majority of his teachings and discourses. However, after the erection of the second monastery, Migaramatupasada, the Buddha spent his time alternatively between Jetavana and the former.

This monastery encompasses various buildings including Candanamala, Kaveri Mandalamala, Mulagandhakuti and Kosambakuti. Outside the building, there used to be a residential building belonging to Lord Samiddhisumana and an old Rajayatana tree.

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