Cave painting sites, Sonbhadra

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District Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh is home to ancient cave painting sites, which have been in existence since prehistoric times. They are situated in the cave shelters of the Vindhya and the Kaimur ranges and have about 250 rock art paintings.

Some of the noteworthy paintings sites are located in the cave shelters of Lakhania, Panchmukhi, Kauva Khoh and Lakhma. The paintings throw light on the periods ranging from the Mesolithic to the Heliolithic ages.

While Panchmukhi Caves and Lakhania Caves are located 8 kms and 22 kms respectively from Robertsganjj, Kauva Khoh and Lakhma Caves are located near Churk and village Mau Kalan respectively.

Of these sites, Kaua Khoh rock shelter site located in Khodwa Pahar, is the biggest and houses the largest repertoire of rock paintings. These works of art speak eloquently about the culture and lifestyle of the people ranging from their origin to the subsequent periods in the history.

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