Naugarh Fort, Sonbhadra

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Naugarh Fort is a small structure situated approximately 2 kms from Naugarh Township in Robertsganj and 40 kms in the southern side of Chakia in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh.

The fort was built by the Kashi Naresh. Of late, it is being used as a guest house for government officers. The fort offers panoramic views of Karmnasha River and the surrounding areas.

The Naugarh Fort has some remains found around it. These remains date back to 3000 years and stand testimony to the ancient history of this site.

A mountain, popularly called Geruwatwa Pahar, located in the north-western side of the fort, is replete with metal and mineral waste material and the remains of furnaces. This slag is found on both sides of a small stream that joins Karmnasha River and forms a fascinating water fall. It then turns into a stream which flows to the north eastern side of Naugarh Fort.

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