Shiv Dwar, Sonbhadra

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Shiv Dwar temple is situated 10 km from Ghorawal on Shivdwar road and 40 kms in the west of Robertsganj in Uttar Pradesh.

This huge shrine is devoted to God Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple houses an 11th century black idol of Shiv Parvati. The three feet tall idol represents them in Srijan mudra—creative posture. The temple is a magnificent work of art that testifies to the level of craftsmanship of those times. It is also very precious in terms of monetary value.

The temple is a highly revered in the region. The residents of the area regard it as the second Kashi temple because of its high religious significance. The temple also houses a host of black stone idols of other gods and goddesses. It draws large crowds of devotees during the festivals of Shiv Ratri, and in Shravan month, especially on Mondays. Kanwarias end the devotional journey at this temple and offer the sacred water to the God.

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